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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blogmas #6: Little Winter Haul

I had chance to blog yesterday only in the night, when I already was tired, so I just only edited the photos and decided to write the post in the morning (my morning is a evening of normal people).
Yesterday I went to my favorite thrift shop to find some winter clothes I need and just to see if there are some cool things that I can use like Christmas presents. Because in that shop is very often you can find interesting unique things.
But for this time I bought only clothes. I just needed some sweaters, so I bought this cardigan. It's from Great Britain brand ''Eskimo''. Never heard about it before, but it has so high quality!!! I wondered when I've seen the price. Probably it was the cheapest sweater I've seen in that shop. I had no idea why. It look great. By the way, the color of this cardigan are gold and turquoise, not yellow and blue, as on the photos. In reality it looks so much more festive than on the photos.
 Almost the whole the shop was full of jackets like this one below. Probably it's the new trend, I don't know, honestly. But I hadn't something similar and think these jackets are so elegant. These jackets are associated with princesses for me.
 It has gold and black colors with glitters and a little bit of other much colors.
I love how shinny is it!
 And of course I bought things of which I really need. Always. All my socks are losing after I washed them haha. So it's never enough of them. 
I got one with ice cream because it's super cute and second pair because they're warm, long, girly and are great for winter.
It's all I wanted to show now! A little bit later, I'll write a new post!


  1. Love this gold jacket. It's perfect for Xmas!

  2. love that golden sweater u look pretty
    btw New Post in my blog
    stay in touch'

  3. Interesting ideas for XMas gifts! Thank you Alina!
    If you follow my blog, I follow your blog too, write about it!

  4. Thanks for the comments and love the post


  5. Thanks for the comments and love the post


  6. great haul....loved the first sweater.....


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