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Monday, December 7, 2015

Blogmas #5: New Christmas Decorations, Polishes AVON And My First Bath Bomb Reviews

Hello world!!! Today is December 6th and it's my 5th Blogmas post. I know today have to be already 6th post but I found the time only for this post, but I need to find for two posts one day.

Today finally I bought the first Christmas home decoration - tinsel. I got the two tinsels - the golden one with snowflakes and the second is silver with Christmas trees. I've heard silver color isn't good this year, if you believe in  Feng Shui (I do), but it's sooo cuuute. How I could not buy this cute stuff? Plus, I haven't pretty new Christmas tinsels!

Also I want to buy a faux Christmas tree, but haven't found a perfect one for me. And I want to try to make some handmade Christmas home decoration. It's have to be interesting. If everything will be okay, I'll show you it!;) I have some ideas but I haven't tried doing this, so have no if I can to make good things.

 By the way, almost everyday I watch one Christmas movie(if have more time, then more movies). They are so positive and make my mood to be good for whole day. And nobody can't destroy it!
Today I watched ''Unaccompanied minors''. It's not the first time when I watch this, because it's such a good movie! 10/10
You need to watch it, if still haven't watched this!
 Also I want to write a review about a nail polish from Avon and to show what easy manicure I got with it that looks pretty festive.
Okay, so I got the golden nail polish from Avon. First thing I can say is that color is really good - golden with sparkles. One layout of this polish is enough, it's make to spent less time for nail polishes. I love it! It's not my first nail polish from Avon and this one is like another ones - lasting of those nail polishes are really short. 
 I added the sparkles and I think this one minute manicure is pretty good for a holiday like a New year eve. 
 And today I finally tried the bath bomb for the first time. It's from Dolce Vero. This is the Ukrainian brand.
It has white and pink colors and smells like strawberries and when you keep it in your hands it feels like it's a sugar, haha.
It made my bath to be of light pink color. And it haven't smelt in water. I disappointed when I  saw that it doesn't have ''bubbles effect''. I just know that some bath bombs have, so I thought this one too.


  1. Loving these festive decorations. And great review!

  2. LookS SO PRETTY!

  3. bellissime le decorazioni

  4. Great items! I love watching Christmas movies :)

    Patrick |

  5. very nice!

  6. Super zdjęcia jesteś bardzo ładna :D

  7. Dear Anna-Alina, like bloggers say, I am a bit MIA from commenting (and posting as well, reducing it to once a week) because 1) I do have some pain on my eyes, so I am avoiding the computer 2) December is so hectic! But here I am again! I love Christmas decorations and movies and you are right, Christmas movies have so nice messages!

  8. The nail polish has such a beautiful colour!


  9. Love your post, great content!



  10. I love your nails, they're so festive!

    xo, Liz

  11. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  12. Such pretty nails. The bath looks so relaxing.

  13. Cute post and your photography is eye-catching. I love the tinsel photos in particular as they are so festive! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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