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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blogmas №4: 20 Things that Happens ONLY in Winter

 I know many people are not very happy that the winter already is here. I think it's already the time to reminisce your favorite things about winter. Any of other seasons haven't so unique things that happens only in winter.
Winter for me is longest season for me, because in Ukraine mostly snowing all March and first days of April. Yeah, it happens almost every year.
So here I need to learn to love this season. Here are my favorite things about winter:
1. Snowy mornings. I love when in the evening it's not snowy, but when I wake up, open the curtains and see the snow around the house. Everything is becoming so white and beautiful. 
2. Snow on branches of trees. Maybe it's not so good for trees, but it looks so fairy!!!
3. All shops, cafes and even main streets are decorated by Christmas lights, Santa Clauses, fake snowflakes e.t.c. It makes everything to be so much prettier!
4. Only before New year and Christmas we have so amazing Christmas mood, right?
5. It's time to decorate our homes for holiday! Who don't like doing it?
6. By the way, yeah, winter holidays! Only two weeks (in Ukraine), but winter holidays are always fun!
7. We spend more time with our family and close relatives on the holidays!
8. December is the time for buying or doing by yourself presents for everyone! I love to do it, even more than to get presents!
9. But getting presents are really nice too, haha!
10. Everyone have a great mood around on the winter holidays!
 11. In winter the biggest amount of holidays!
12. My favorite is Christmas!
13. And New year eve!
13. I love first day of new year because that day we have a lot of tasty meals... hm, lol. Although after New year eve we have food for the next two weeks haha!
14. Also when I was younger I loved St. Nicholas day. That day we celebrate on December 19th.
15. Only in winter you can make a snowman... okay, in Ukraine you can make it even on April haha.
16. I love to watching from my window when it's snowing!
17. But snowing in the night is one of most fairy things ever. Because show is so shiny and it looks like this is not a snow, it looks like those are glitters.
18. When snow is shining on the earth it looks soooo beautiful!!!
19. Also one of my favorite winter things is a sound of the snow under my shoes.
20. Or a sound of thin ice at a puddle.

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  1. Cudny klimat aż chce się obserwować :D

  2. One thing about winter I don't like, frost on my car windows.

    1. I love how looks frost drawing on the windows of houses!!! <3

  3. I love snowmans but tempetures are too much high for them im my city!

    1. Now it's no snow here too, but I think it will be snowy again soon !

  4. I wish it snowed where i live, it only snows maybe once every year or two but not a lot! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  5. Very true! The Christmas spirit is alive and well!

  6. very nice list and totally true! thanks for reminding winter is magical

    Inside and Outside Blog


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