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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


New year day is the main holiday in Ukraine. People here celebrate it better even than Christmas. It's probably because Christmas here later than New year day. We celebrate Christmas on January 7th.
So as it's 30 days before New year today, I'm going to do little things everyday from today that will be give more holiday mood! Plus, it will make this month to be more funnier! So I'll choose one of them for today and will do it!;)
  1. Buy a lot of mandarins and eat them alone. They are so sweet on December and makes me to remember my past New year eves. 
  2. Listen to your favorite songs that remind you about the holiday. I love this type of songs so much... even in a summer. 
  3. Go to the Christmas market / shop to buy new decorations or at least to look at that beauty! I already was there, but I want and have to go there again! 
  4. Spent your lazy weekend day with a cup of hot cacao, in your cozy Christmas sweater and reading a good book. 
  5. To feed birds / squirrels. They need your care in winter time! 
  6. Spent evening of your favorite Christmas movies. What can be better? 
  7. Time to buy new Christmas decorations!!! Something for your Christmas tree e.t.c... 
  8. Spent your evening or even night with turned off light and turned on Christmas light. It's make a room to be fairy.  
  9. Create winter photosession. It will be if it will be snowy outside if no, then it's not a problem to find a place on December in a city. Now all building in Christmas lights!
  10. It's time to sculpt a snowman!!! But be careful, and sculpt not a big one, because it's so cold to do it. I know it, I've doing the last year.
  11. When it will be snowing in the evening, go to walk even alone! It looks so fairy when it's snowing in the evening!!! 
  12. Be positive! Forgive the people! Everyone makes mistakes. Just be careful with them. 
  13. Time to buy presents to everyone! 
  14. Re-watch all ''Home alone'' movies! 
  15. Make hand-made New year / Christmas decoration. I plan to make a few ones! 
  16. Cook a new meal that will be great for holidays and you never cooked it before!
  17. To buy new very warm and comfy sweater for cold winter days! √x2
  18. To decorate a few rooms in your house / flat! 
  19. And decorate Christmas tree, of course!
  20. To buy a symbol of the next new year (fairy monkey) to yourself and to your closest people for having a lucky year!;)
  21. Read a horoscope for the next new year, if your believe it! I believe! I'm Leo and everything what horoscopes write about Leos are really about me! 
  22. Walk through the snowdrifts, wallow in them and push to there your friends. It's one of funniest thing ever!
  23. Re-watch the photos of this year. It will make your mood better and you will understand that this year you had a lot of really cool moments!!!  
  24. Create angels at the snow.
  25. Create a menu for the holiday. Don't forget about your favorite meals! 
  26. Choose an outfit for this special day! I love to wear outfits for New year eve that will give a luck for the next year. This year red is the best color to wear for the New year eve. 
  27. Write the list of your biggest wishes for this year! 
  28. Write the list of things you want you will do (it can be things like to find a new good job, learn new languages e.t.c. But remember from the first day of the year you have start really do it! 
  29. To clean and decorate very good the place, where you will celebrate this New year eve. 
  30. Don't forgot to make a wish for this year in New year even night. By the way, I forget if it worked for me at least once, but making a wish in your birthday night is really works for me, every year! 
Have a fun December!


  1. I love Christmas, if you like we could follow through gfc.lasciamo comment spare

  2. Great list to get yourself prepared for the new year! Can't believe we only have one month left!

  3. You will be busy this December! What are you doing on the 24th, when Christmas is celebrated in so many other places?

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. In Ukraine December 24th is the holiday too. We call on it St. Evening. When we can see first star in the sky, we have family big dinner.
      I always go with my family to my grandmother's house to celebrate it!

  4. great ideas
    fun post loved reading it

  5. What a great post - love the ideas you've shared, I'll make sure to try out everything here!

    :) Patrick |

  6. Thanks for the comments and great content


  7. love your list so much!
    and the adorable photo!!!
    kisses and wish you a lovely week ahead!


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