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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Heeey guuuys! As always I write really late, although was going to write in the morning, but then something went wrong haha... So like it's already night of December 24th, I can say to you all ''Merry Christmas!!!''. How crazy that's already this evening will be Christmas eve?
I said before that in Ukraine people mostly celebrate Christmas on January 6th, but my grandmother always celebrate this January 24th, because her parent have doing it, so tomorrow (already today) I'm going to visit my grandmother with my parents, also there will be my one and only sister Luda with her family and maybe someone else. Believe that's will be fun! I'll bring the camera to show you photo later. I noticed that almost never bring camera when I go to my grandmother, so I need to get this for this time!

Also I got some Christmas / New year presents from my aunt (my mom's sister). She always send to us presents from Italy before Christmas days. My aunt sent some clothes, Italian food and other things. I got some new cool clothes that I really like. My part of parcel:


  1. wish you a lovely, caring, delicious and peaceful Xmas!
    a big hug, Aida

  2. Indeed, I cannot believe how quickly Christmas Eve has come :) You got a lovely parcel, printed top is definitely a favourite ;) xx Maja

  3. I wish you a Merry Christmas, a very interesting post !!
    You in Bajoelsombrerodesusan with a special post

  4. The jeans are beautiful and so is the turtle neck - perfect for keeping you warm this winter!
    I wish you a very sweet Christmas!


    1. Oh no it's very light for winter, not warm! Merry Christmas!!


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