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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Hey-hey! Finally I'm here - as always I'm writing on the blog in late night. Just haven't felt good before the evening and my evening was super fun, so I had no time for it before.

Today I want to show my new shoes for winter. I ordered it special for snowy weather (but turned that snow forgot about Ukraine for these winter holidays, but I've herd that on Christmas - 7th January it maybe will be snowy). I remember the last year I have the real white Christmas and it looked fairy.

Back to the boots. It's from the one kawaii store. You can check out my boots HERE (LINK).
 I think this box is really cute. <3 One of my favorite colors!
 Inside that box were these cuties.
 What I can say about the quality... Firstly, I want to say that they looked on the store more like pink and white boots, while in reality they are brown and white. Check out how they look in the store HERE (LINK). Do you see difference?
When I opened the box I was sad because I've that some ''fur'' wasn't fixed good enough, but turned that mostly that fur was of good quality, so everything food with that.
I love how good they look. Really great! I really like the material of them!
 But the best part about these boots are the soles. They are perfect for ice.
You know I have problems with my legs from birth day, so It's so easy for me to fall. I always scared to walk when it's ice on the earth.
I never was scared of ice before three years ago. The first day of the snow I gone to the shop, and with first snow we always have first ice. And you how much times I've falling in 20 minutes of my way to the shop and back to home? 11!
After that my legs, back , hands  e.t.c hurted two weeks. So I was afraid to fall whole winter that year!


  1. So cuteeee, I want it too, beautiful!
    kisses and have a Best Christmas!

  2. Que super originales. Me encantan. Feliz navidad guapa
    ¿ le das a cualquiera de las dos palabras que aparecen en rojo en el texto de este enlace ? Me harías un gran favor

    Mil gracias!!!!!

  3. We don't get terrible ice storms where I live, so I've never had a fall. But I've come close.

  4. Love these boots. They are beautiful and look very warm. You're absolutely ready for the ice!


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