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Monday, December 21, 2015


Maybe someone noticed that I haven't blogged yesterday (19.12.). That day was really busy for me. Because I had a lot of things to do before the guest will visit us. We celebrated my dad's birthday. Yeah, we did it the first time a few days ago when it was his real birthday, but that day everyone worked so we for the second time we decided to celebrate on the Saturday.
And guys I even haven't expected this, but it was super fun evening. Everything was perfect. Especially the time I spent with my nieces, little sister and nephew. I really was so tired after them haha.
Okay I will not write a lot, cause it's really late here and I'm going to sleep now. But I had a lot of photos from yesterday and today.

 Homemade cakes are the best. Never eat cake from the shops that is so good as that one we cook home. <3
 Maksim. <3

 Christmas flower is so pretty now. It means that Christmas really soon!
 By the way, I haven't took many photos of my hamster, cause he have some problems with health especially with his eyes. So it doesn't look good. But finally he's becoming better, hope he will feel great before the new year.
Any ways, he's still so photogenic as nobody else. Mostly everyone look better in life than on photos, but it's not about my hamster. 
 Such a good movie. One of the best with Christmas theme - Christmas with Kranks. I've seen all movies from the last list of Christmas movies I shared with you.
I'm going to write tomorrow a new list of Christmas movies I'm going to was during winter holidays.
 My favs- cappuccino Milka and chocolate Milka with Oreo. They are the best.
 My dad got for his birthdays two cute candelabrums. I got one from my room, cause it's perfect for Christmas time!
 Also today I finally wrapped all gifts.
Can't wait to give it everyone!
By the way I haven't found our faux Christmas tree but found a stocking. Hope to find a Christmas before the holidays!!


  1. Aww...I'm glad you had fun. Happy birthday to your day! These are lovely photos.

    xo Azu

  2. I actually saw Christmas with the Kranks for the first time the other day

  3. That is all so nice! Happy belated happy birthday to your dad! You are right, I guess homemade cakes are great, I buy some ready becsuse of lack of time. Your niece and nephew are so cute! Sweet hamster too!

  4. Cudny wystrój bloga!
    Obserwuję ;)

  5. Happy birthday to your dad!
    This is one of my favourite Christmas movies too!

  6. Adoro tus fotos. Siempre me encantan. Un beso guapa

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