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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Guys, days in the winter are so short. I mean maybe it's not shorter than in other seasons, but it become very dark already after 3 p.m. , so it make to be really sleepy almost day, hah. It's one of the reasons why I don't blog this month as I wanted.
Any ways, tomorrow I'll try to write posts I have some a lot ideas but today I want to share with my beauty products wish list  for winter. Here are things I ''really need'' or want so much;) Maybe it will interesting for you! I don't know why, but wish list - posts are ones of the most popular posts on my blog.
So let to start it! 
If you like something from this list, no problem, I leave the links and even give the code that give you 10% off - GEVG10 , so you can pay less, this sale works for all products on this online store. <3

First thing is nail polish that change color when it temperature change. This nail polish I wanted about one year, because I haven't found this in my town. But about two weeks I found it HERE, so I ordered and you can see how it looks in reality, not the store's picture. Although I saw videos with it and it look perfect.
 How cute look these colors of the lipsticks? WANT IT, WANT IT, WANT IT! I think it's very cool for different photossessions (or if you just want to take a cool selfie), parties or to make really nice makeup tutorial for the blog. They are HERE.
 I really need a new mascara!!! This one is HERE.
 I love nail polishes with big sparkles like this one. They always have a long lasting and looks so bright and cool. This one is HERE.
 Unusual palette with a lot of lipglosses. Some of these color are crazy! It's HERE !
 Thing that makes nail polishes to be matte. I'm not sure what's name of it, but you can check out this HERE.
 Eyeshadows with glitters, because they're my favourite and make eyes to be really magic. That's HERE .
 Stick for nail-art. I really needed it all my life, because I draw not so bad, but I can't draw with usual big brush of nail polishes. This is HERE.


  1. I have the colour changing nailpolish and it's amazing! I even wrote a review for it:

    1. Yeah I heard that's good. In a few days I have to receive it too1


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