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Sunday, December 20, 2015


I already wrote a little review after I bought L'oreal Casting Sunkiss. It was the end of October. I noticed that it got pretty big amount of views, so I think it will be interesting for you to know my results after using it.
Finally I used this jelly, so I have a new ''empty''  to talk about on the blog. I used this about 10 times. It only looks that there are a lot of jelly. If you have such a long hair as me or even longer, probably you need to buy two or even more of these jellies. I really needed to use a lot of the jelly only for one time.
Honestly it didn't make my hair so much lighter, only a little bit. Everybody who know me haven't noticed that I became lighter (I mean my hair, because my skin is already so light like vampire's skin haha). Even my mom and sister that always notice everything, so because of it I can say that they didn't change a lot.
But any ways, I love that they become lighter. I love changes.
Although I don't like the shades of my hair because of it - my hair now had  yellow shadows. It looks not so good on me. Cold shades look the best for me.
So all I can say it's good but not perfect, as I expected. 
I used one jelly that make hair lighter, it was from Avon. My sister and I used it about 4-5 years ago and we loved it. There were a lot of jelly inside, we use it about a year and it made our hair to be almost white, not yellow. So sad that I don't see this recently...


  1. Looks divine. Great post!

  2. I love the way your hair is! Beautiful lighter and also when not. I always say you could be a model! As for the skin, I am also very white, though I use darker makeup on face and neck, but you can see my legs are translucent, but can you believe that a dumb girl said that I was dark, because she was competing about white skin, saying she was whiter! She is a racist, cause skin color is not important; we are all beautiful the way we are and you are stunning!


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