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Monday, November 2, 2015


Sorry for the blurry photo, my cousin Alla forgot about focusing on me, she liked the door better. The photoeditor made this photo looks so much better.

Hello to everyone! Just wanted to share photos from my yesterday's evening that I spent with my cousine to remember it (although I took only a few photos, I decided to enjoy the time and forgot about and tell about my phone). Any ways, one of the best things in photos, blogs, instagram that we can to ''save'' moments from our good days.
I had a great time with my cousin Alla. We just decided to met in center of our town to walk while it's light and pretty warm outside, after we went to ''Majento'', it's cafe that I visit sometimes. There you can to order great hot chocolate (by the way, it's really one here - I had a situation when I needed to wait in this cafe a hour, as all that time it was strong raining and all that hour, my chocolate was still hot haha. Honestly, I can't drink something hot, so waited when it will be just warm chocolate:D
 or any other tasty coffee / tea drinks, coctails and deserts to them. But the main thing in this cafe is real Italian ice-creams.
I have no idea if they have a taste like Italian ice-creams, because Italian ice-creams I tried in Italy were all different. In this cafe the same situation, all are different. I ordered blue one and brown with pieces of the cake... it was a little bit strange, if to be honest. But they both were very sweet and tasty, although my cousine ordered soul one, because strawberry.
Also look what I found there - place for me and other aliens. Just kidding.
Our next stop was the pizzeria, although there I ate sushi... We wanted to go in the other place, but there we needed to wait more a hour for our sushi, so we were here.
This place had Mexican design, all drawings, hats, photos on the wall, all are Mexican, althought in thir menu the meals of different countries. Also I like their big web on the ceiling, because Halloween. You can noticed a piece of it on the photo.
I visit sometimes this place and noticed that all food here are huge and sooo tasty. Really very, very, very good!
For this time I ordered there cocoa with milk (it had a perfect taste + great price for this time) and sushi, 8 pieces. And it was too much for me hehe. So big. Very pretty and tasty meals, kind waitresses. You can eat here and spend not big money.
I forgot to take photos, it was so pretty, that I wanted to quickly eat it and forgot about this.


  1. great post! :)
    have a lovely week !!

  2. Very cool place. The treats look delicous! I LOVE your hat! I can't stop laughing.

    1. Oh I'm glad that made your mood better!♥

  3. Great photos dear!

  4. That looks like loads of fun! really like your jacket too x

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  5. you always look so great in photographs!
    that looks like great fun!
    kisses dear Alina

  6. Glad to hear you had a great time with your cousin! I like what you wore...your beanie is awesome lol.

    xo Azu

  7. Sounds like you were having a fun time.

  8. Great post !


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