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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


HELLO WORLD!!! Hope you're okay! Everything is great here, only the weather is pretty bad - rain all day and all night, so everything is dark and dirty outside. Can't wait for the snow only because it will make streets to look so much better! But on other side I want to so some things before winter and don't want that time was fast. Any ways it's even less two weeks it will be winter. Somebody can believe it it!?
For me it feels like it's September now... 
Also today I want to show my new cool earring - silver pegasus and star from . Very good quality, by the way! 
I always was in love with pegasuses and cartoons with them were ones from my favorites when I was younger. Although I love everything that similar to horses, as they my favorite animals that saved my health and remember a lot of cool memories with them.
Link on this earring (there are other colors):


  1. Какой чудесный пегас! И твой макияж очень нравится!

  2. Oh, really very very nice earring! I loved the horse, Pegasus, really like it! You look so pretty! I know what you mean, snow makes all beautiful, and the dirt will be under it! So, a white Christmas!

    1. I meant it, yes! Plus, the snow give a fairytale vibe. Its very pretty, when here are a lot of snow!😊

  3. Do you have snow in winter? We don't get snow most of the times, just rain...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Yeah, every year! And sometimes it still snowing all spring and a half of autumn. I'm not kidding.)

  4. Beautiful earring and I love your make up!


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