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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My goals for next week + MY WISH LIST ^_^

I noticed that everytime I'll create to do - list for a month, I think that month it's so big time and do first half of things I do in the end of a month and second half of things I don't do ah... So I think I need more to create to do - lists. It will be more productive! Also it will be perfect, if I will write things I did this week. I've heard about 80% of really rich people do it. So today I want to share with some my goals for this week!
1. Everyday of next week to blog. I'll try to do it, I need to be ready for December, cause that month I'll do Blogmases everyday ^_^. Hope I'll do all 25 posts, not 18 (probably), as last year.
2. Buy a sofa or bed for my room. Yesterday I was like in a million shops in my city. I still didn't choose, I have a few favorites. But next week when my dad will be free again I'll buy one of them.
3. Workout at least 4 times per week for now, but hope in the near future more.
4. Buy some winter clothes I need.
5. Create giveaway on the blog. Don't miss it, it will be soon!
6. Probably it's time to write some posts that I'm going to write a long time.
7. Try not to be sad, although it's hard, because everything is so dark and ugly outside.
8. Finally to finish reading one book that I read more a month and started to write something another.
9. I almost haven't watched movies recently, so I want to watch some good ones.
10. Learn languages everyday or almost. At least 15 minutes. 
11. Finally to buy something sweet. These two months I ate mostly healthy food and didn't buy something not healthy. And now I want a good chocolate or a piece of tasty cake, but better all together.
12. Change a little bit my room.

And now it's time for my wish list:
 Cute fluffy sweater with a heart.
This one is my dream. I always wished have this outfit for home. Unicorn is my favorite, of course, lol. By the way, finally, I found a store where they cost really cheap.
These sneackers look so coooool! Love how shine these stars.
 Love the design of it!

 I'm a real fan of Sailor Moon, so I love this hat:



  1. Those sweaters are so cute ,...great wish list dear <3

  2. Adorable gifts! They're very unique.

  3. Oh wow! I love the pink santa Christmas jumper!! ^_^
    Carly x


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