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Sunday, November 1, 2015


I'm pretty tired and sleepy, so I'll quickly write some words and show you photos from yesterday's Halloween.
I wondered that this so many young and little people celebrate Halloween this year. It's firt time when I saw kids that say ''trick or treat''. By the way, in Ukraine we say ''candy or death'', a litlle more scary, right? I asked with this words candies when was younger and when on TV translate American movies about Halloween, kids say this. Ukranian angry version haha.
Also mostly normal people have Halloween home or in clubs parties, only some losers as me that haven't friends didn't go there. I'm kidding, I had a perfect day. And today too, by the way, but about this tomorrow.
I spent my Halloween with my niece Eva. It's our third Halloween together. We have so much fun. We walked, played, ate tons of Halloween sweets and watched special movies for Halloween on TV (not scary one, I'm afraid of horrors).
So many shops, cafes e.t.c made Halloween decoration. I've never seen it's before in Ukraine. So in Ukraine started to celebrate this, although only young people. Mostly people of age 35+ think that's not good holiday.
Okay, now it's time for photos!
My first time when I do a face on  pumpkin orange (because it's smaller and tastier), so don't judge me.
Inside the fruit salad from orange, bananas and sugar.
It's not very photogenic, but it's ghousts from chupa chups.
 Cotton candy and the spider.

 It's had to be witch's hat, but I'm not sure if it looks similar.


  1. Hahaha the orange killed me *pun intended* hahaha
    You shared some great ideas! thanks :)

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. Oh orange isn't my idea, I saw it on YOUTUBE, although there were with marshmallows, but I decided to add a banana and sugar.

  2. Me encanta halloween. Un buen post

    Un beso y que tengas una buena semana :)

  3. Halloween is just starting to get more popular in Germany, too. It wasn't much of a holiday several years ago.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. really? I thought it's very popular in Germany.

  4. nice pictures of your halloween stuff

  5. This is so cool. I always enjoy seeing how other countries celebrate Halloween. Glad you had a good one.


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