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Monday, November 9, 2015


My new sweatshirt from

Hey friends! Although it's late night, I'm here. Because I promised that today will write these posts.
Just turned that's Angel's day of the husband of my sister and my grandfather (they have the same names), so I went to celebrate this day with the parents to my sister's house. 
So it's only about 30 minutes when I went home back. Although it was super fun evening. Everything was perfect, but on the streets is so strong wind, I was scared that I will fly, hah.
Today weather was so strange all day. Was too dark, I thought it will be snow... It's pretty strange for my city that's November already started but we still haven't first snow this yer. Usually we have it on October. I'm missing it a little bit, although noticed that it's not only me, many people already want snow, Christmas, winter holidays... Yeah, on one side it's really one of greatest of the year, but on other side, I don't want that 2015 will end soon. I have feeling that I still didn't so many things I want.
Oh, okay, sweet dreams! I need to sleep, better to talk tomorrow!!! <3


  1. The weather has been quirky! It was really warm here over the weekend and now it's turning cooler. Love your jumper.

  2. Love your sweatshirt! Your hairstyle & accessories have made this outfit so chic!

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  4. Naprawdę, ale masz ślicznego bloga !

  5. I like this! Great post. :D

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  6. It's always this way, dear Anna-Alina, we don't want the year to end, but it has to :( but I am sure you will make many nice things next year too, and we still have around 6 and a half weeks this year... to do many things :) I am sorry I was absent, posts were scheduled, because I was very sick. But now I am here and I think you look very beautiful, I loved your sweater!


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