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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hey guys!!! In my town finally autumn! Real autumn! It's raining the recent days and it made leaves to become yellow, red, burgund e.t.c. ... And also, finally, a lot of the are fallen. I adore that sound of fallen leaves under my shoes, as a sound of  fresh snow too. 
Also I love rain, I've saying it a million time. Especially, air after it, so it's perfect now. So autumnal!!!
 Just wanted to say that my hamster Boo is okay a few weeks already and not sick. Honestly, then, when he was so sick, I thought that he'll die in a few days, but now everything is nice;)
He always is so cute on photos, I even noticed some people follow me on Instagram only because him haha. But believe me, in real life he looks like a typical mouse without a tail (even first thing I said about him, when I saw him first time - "aw, this hamster is not pretty'' lol) , he's just lucky to be photogenic (or maybe I'm a good photographer;D ). I even always call him ''mouse''.

My hamster's new friend - Eva's rabbit toy.
More photos of my view from my room. Trees are becoming yellow here.


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  3. Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee

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