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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Hello guys! Today want to talk about one thing that I haven't talked before here - is about being ''forever alone'', I'm an expert in it haha. When I say about being ''forever alone'', I mean about not having friends and a boyfriend/girlfriend...
Just some funny facts about me to know each other better, hope it will make your mood better. Don't get this post very serious, althought it's all are true!

1. First reason is I feel so comfortable to be alone. I really looove to spend time with only me and myself. Perfect, nobody annoying or criticize you!
For example, tomorrow I'm going to spend whole day and night alone, as everybody will leave me that day. Honestly... I can't wait for it.

2. You know, if you want to make new friends you have at least to leave your room, but I look like this 99% of my time:

3. Or I just don't know good places where you can to meet new people. I still haven't found somebody in the refrigerator or on the sofa, while I'm watching TV in the living room.
Ok, sometimes I go to the shop to buy me a chocolate, but nobody want to get acquainted with me there.

4. My bestfriend is my hamster... but he doesn't like me too much, specially, when he's already not hungry. He use me only for food. Ah...

5. Maybe one of the most important reasons, that I even don't believe that one day I'll meet people that will understand me, like me and will need me, because how and where?
And if it will happen, my reaction will be something like this:

6. The last 2 years I learned how to feel good without somebody. I really feel more comfortable alone.
Maybe it's just because everytime somebody break my heart after our relationships and I decided better to be single than with people like that.

7. Everytime when I had dates with boys or meeting with new friends, we go to cafes and they learned about me something new - I eat very very very long. I'm not kidding. I do it really a long time. And everytime, when people saw that I eat my piece of that cake already a hour, they say me something like this:

8. One fact that annoying me is that almost everybody think that I already have a lot of friends and a boyfriend. Everyone say me that I look like a girl that already have a fiancee and always dress like I'm going to the date. Wtf... How? Why? Can somebody say me why almost everybody think about me this?

9. Also one thing you had no idea about me that I'm not romantic person. And having a husband and kids are not my life goals and almost sure that never will be really marriend or have my own kids. Don't get me wrong, If you're interested, I can to write about this more in next posts. 
I dream to have a dream job more.

10. So it's my reaction, when I see couples:

11. I'm blogger and have no free time. I need to write a new post about our date and edit photos of the food we ate, flowers you presented me, selfie of us two, ootd that you took and share with on every social medias. Thanks for photos. Bye!

12. And for the end, I'll say that I'm still waiting for my own Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.


  1. HAHAHAHA Fajne ;)

  2. Hahahahaa, this is brilliant and so me! I am gonna be forever alone too so don't worry, at least you're not alone in that aspect ;) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. Hahahahaha .. el mejor el de la pedida de mano. Un beso

  4. Really funny! Love the face when you see couples!!!

  5. My wife eats very very slow as well. I rarely get done with my food after she does.

  6. Feeling comfortable alone can be hard to master but it's something everyone needs to learn! Being alone can be very therapeutic :)

  7. LOL loved this post so much but honestly, besides from the humor there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving being alone and being totally okay with it. Especially based on reason number one - being alone is comfortable. But honestly, you are lucky, because it is not something that is comfortable for most of the population, so embrace it lady! I can tell you that when you do end up in your next relationship, you being so secure with being alone will only enhance that relationship.

    Rae of Love from Berlin
    Bloglovin' // instagram

  8. This is such a funny post, it's great to be alone sometimes!


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