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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Pretty often people ask me about what a programme I use for editing my photos for the blog and instagram.
For Instagram I use only... Instagram tools andb filters haha. So it makes me to wonder when I get comment there what programmes use for editing. 
Earlier I used VSCOcam and Instasize, but with new tools of Instagram, where are everything we can imagine, so, at least, for me, I don't need any other apps for editing my photos.
I wish to have Instagram filters on my computer. They are so good!!! I thinks because of it my instagram photos look better than on the blog. 
Any ways, I love to use Pixlr (online editor). There are so good filters. But when I want to change something on photos, I use online editor Avatan (but you can to use it, if only know Russian). For example, we did a lot of photos for the blog post and on every photos you look not very good / hair is bad / turns this makeup is not good on you / you want something delete on the photo... then you can to change it very easy. So good!
 I had a situation when wanted to make good photos for the blog, but my face was not good on all of them, so I needed ''to photoshop'' a lot and on these photos I don't look there like in real life, but, at least, it looks ok, althought it's annoying me... Do you know why? Because that photo is the most liked on my Instagram page haha! People still like everyday this photo indeed to like my recent photos! It's pretty annoying, as it looks like people want to say me that ''photoshoped me'' looks better... Ah okay.

Too much words... Better I'll show my favorite filters on Pixlr. Maybe it will be useful to someone to find new filters. Say me, what's your favorite of it! It will be interesting and useful for me!
 1. Pixlr - Subtle - Adrian.
 2. Pixlr - Default - Bob.
 3. Pixlr - Subtle - Janine.
 4. Pixlr - Subtle - Ronny.
 5. Pixlr - Subtle - Sanna.
6. Pixlr - Default - Josh.
7. Pixlr - Vintage - Sun.


  1. I don't use online editors in my photos because I'm the worst in technology but filters look great!

    1. But it's very easy to use, it's not even Photoshhop!

  2. You look beautiful! Love the makeup.

  3. Estas muy guapa! Un beso

  4. I seldom use filters, and never use photoshop. 1) because I don' want to learn it; 2) because if I meet a blogger friend I want to look like in the photos I showed. But as I said, filters are nice. And I liked the original photo better! You are so beautiful, it;s cool if you learn more, of course, but you don't need filters :)

    1. Filters make photos Iook better, so I think all need to use it, its not photoshop and dont make a big diffirience.

  5. Really lovely post dear! Hope you have a fabulous day.

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  6. I sux big time... I dont know any of these filters... but my hashtag is almost always #nofilter

  7. Coś mi się podoba w twoim blogu, ale nie wiem co ;)


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