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Friday, October 30, 2015


Hello guuuuys! Today I want to show you what's in my jewelry box. Okay, not everything, as this post could to be too long, if I did it, so I'll show you some of my favorites, although all things from the jewelry box are my favorites. 
Today I cleaned in my box and look what a jewelry is already destroyed e.t.c. I decided to take photos of things I found. I already forgot about some things, so it's good that I found them
 I'm not sure if it's ''a jewelry'' but I loooove wear it on shoulders of clothes. Usually, I wore it with my golden cardigan, but my cardigan look already bad, so I need to find another sweater or something else to wear with it them.
I ordered it from Aliexpress.
 This gold long ring I ordered from Oasap. Love how the design! ♥
 I don't remember the store where I bought and it was almost 2 years, so whatever. Probably that store don't sell them anymore.
But I rember how I was in love with this ring. Soo simple and nice. I wear it very often.
 Love these moon/sun earrings from Ausie. They are so unusual, although I'm afraid to wear them somewhere, only home, as they are hard and pretty not comfortable. They're falling every minute:(
 Bright blue earrings from Oasap. They are so pretty!!! I love earrings-crosses, I had another gold ones.
 Another cross, but for neck. I always forget to wear it, but I really loooove it.
It's so hard to take a good photo of this huge necklace from Happiness boutique, but it's beautiful, although haven't a good quality.
And again studs. For this time is my favorite bracelet that make every outfit to bright and in rock style. 
I bought it a central big store in my town.

And now I'm going to dress fast before it's not too dark to buy some food for Halloween snacks. If everything will be good, I'll show what I did!


  1. You've got some nice accessories - I'm not very good with that kind of stuff so don't have a big range.

    lifestyle blog

  2. the necklace from the first picture is absolutely gorgeous !! :)

  3. Gorgeous pieces! I love the moon/sun earrings!


  4. Me encantan todos. Los collares son preciosos

    Un beso y feliz Halloween

  5. Last bracelet is so beautiful!

  6. Beautiful selection!

    Please click on the link on my post

  7. Очень понравилось ажурное кольцо... такое красивое


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