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Thursday, October 15, 2015


Maybe it's Halloween vibe, althought some of your can to notice I always loved black, skeleton, skullsm, studds and faux leather. It's my favorite things in clothing. They give me energy and I feel confident.
Any aways, I have one favorite item in my closet is my sweater with skeleton print. I love that golden sprinkles, it's shines so much. You can to wear nothing special, only this sweater and it will be really bright. Also I sleeves like Morticia Addams has on her dress. Pretty unusual, I don't see sleeves like these often.
I bought it's about one year ago and probably it's from Oasap. 
A little of lifestyle: Maybe someone noticed that in the place I stand on these photos was my bed. 
This bed I'll give to other people. I just wanted new one. So today right now I'm going to the shops to choose new sofa or bed for my room and maybe in a few days, I'll have new one. I'm tired to sleep on the sofa in the  living room the last three days hehe. To sleep in your own room is so much comfortable;)
Love to wear this sweater with my faux leather jacket from Dresslily and different scarfs.


  1. I love this sweater!! It's so beautiful!


  2. You look beautiful <3 Such a stunning sweater!!

  3. This pull is amazing

  4. You look amazing

    Love Vikee

  5. such a fun top! love how you paired it with the jacket!

  6. Me encanta el look. El jersey es una maravilla. Un beso guapa

  7. I hope you find another nice bed! It's nice to renovate our places! I loved the sweater and your makeup look amazing as usual! Thi sweater is definitely good for Halloween! You look so beautiful - I told you, you could be a model!


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