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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Best Days Of The Week

I'm going to write a new post today the whole day, even wanted to do this yesterday yet, and it's already evening and new post still not here. Just had today some good businesses to do. I always noticed that Friday and Saturday are the funniest days. In these days, usually, we are really free after days when we need to work, study... Saturday is not the same. As Monday is the hardest day, we need to be ready for it. For example, when I was a schoolchild, I used my Saturday to learn things I need to know in a new study week. Although in my childhood, my favorite day was the Sunday, but it was before school and university, so it was an another story...
Usually on Fridays we still work, but we know that it's the last day of it, so, as for me, Friday is the easiest day. Maybe it's because after Friday I relax (or even can say - I started to relax in Friday's evening) and it makse my mood to be good.
Also I love Friday's evening, because in this day are all my favorite shows on TV and on the weekend's morning it's always cartoons on all channels haha. Love it. That's make feel more positive and make my morning good, as it usually happens, if mornings are good, then whole days are good too.
What's your favorite (or luckiest) day(s) of the week? 


  1. I'm the same opinion - Friday afternoon is actually the best! <3

    Pearl in Fashion

  2. I understand you, college is different story and our weekend doesn't have the same feel anymore. For me, surprisingly I would say monday is my favorite. Its a restart for the week. Because my quiz would always be due on sunday, online. And monday I would be free from the stress and anxiety! :) also, there's less people in coffee shops and touristy places on monday so to me thats a bonus. Btw, your hamster is too cute :)

  3. Friday and Saturday are my favorite days too. I love this feeling that weekend is coming. :D Your hamster is so cute. I'm in love with little animals. Sorry for my English, Aleksandra.

  4. awww what cute pics!! i agree wit u i love friday evenings too!! esp when i worked i would wait for it!! :D it was so exciting time!wld love it if you drop by!

  5. Coś mi się podoba w twoim blogu, ale nie wiem co ;)


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