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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Your someone's reason to smile

One thing really makes me sad recently and makes never want to leave my room. 
Looks like 95% of strangers I see on the streets, make their face like I'm the worst enemy ever to them, when they look at me. Especially girls and women of different ages. I'm not kidding.
A few days ago when I was sick, I've sitting home a few days, so decided to walk alone a little bit to feel better. I think it's very important to get a fresh air, when you're sick.
That day I hadn't a lot energy, althought that I started to feel like I'm almost ok, but after my walk I felt sooo baaad and I hadn't any energy to do something. Just around me was so a bad vibe from people. I got a lot angry sights on me. I had no idea what happened with people.
I remember how was good March 8th - International women's day. It had so a positive vibe. All people smiled, were kind to each other. I've getting almost from every human congratualations and wishing to have a good day. It was sooo cute! It made my day!
Seriusly, when strangers smile to me, it makes me to have a good mood for a few hours. So sad, that in our time we need special day, like Christmas or something else to smile and say something good to people. I think people are just afraid... or at least, the most people.
I got sometimes comments that I need to smile more on my photos on Instagram, but, honestly, I smile everytime when take photos of me. Just mostly I take a lot of photos and later choose only a few best ones and sometimes photos where I don't smile are better. In any ways If I will smile on my every photos, then all photos will look the same. I prefere to make different face and have experiments with photos. It's interesting for me, as when we do it, we never know how will look the next photo and can to fnd perfect face and pose for us!
But in real life I smile 95% of my time and mostly even don't notice this, while people start to say me this. I don't know why, it's just me and I love to give smiles and good mood to other.
Ah, this post becoming pretty long. Let's talk a little bit later better! Maybe even today! And don't forget to be kind and smile and you will feel so much better!
Just a photo from July.


  1. This was a very refreshing post to read this morning! Especially since I live in NYC and people are always busy and rarely take time to smile. Keep on doing your thing, girl! Smiling is contagious :D


    1. Ah I've heard about NYC people this too. I think even it's can to say about every city in the morning, when everyone go to their jobs.
      It's okay, when you're busy and ignore people. The main thing is not to be angry, I mean.

  2. This post was amazing and true too! Love it :)

    Follow my blog please:

  3. A friendly smile can make someone's day :)

  4. Beautiful!
    Maybe we can follow each other to stay in touch? Just let me know!

  5. Smile is always a beautiful curve and it is a sweetest thing.
    So, keep smiling.

  6. Good collection seen in your article regular putting nice contain keep it up. I am trying to be like you on my blog

  7. You look so adorable! I love that floral cap!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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