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Saturday, September 12, 2015

What I Watched Recently

Late night post! Decided to write a post here, while I don't sleep too much, also I don't know if will have a chance to write tomorrow, as I'm going to the village. Let's see later what will be, but any cases, I want to make a lot of new photos there!
I'm not going to write a lot, just a fast recomendation what to watch. It's not only movie list, here are some shows also.

''Pursuit of happyness''
I know how to write the word ''happiness'', but it's real name of the movie and if you watched this, you know why. 
I decided to watch this movie, as there is one of favorite actors Will Smith with his son. Also I love so much movies that inspired by real stories, especially, with happy ends.
This movie tell a story about man without money, job and place to live, but with the little son (his wife decided to leave him and a child). She have not a lot of good luck, but he can't give up, as he has a little child and in the end everything is good. Inspirational movie with a lot of interesting moments (all moments in the movie are great).


I started to watch'' Simsons'' recently. I had no idea that this sitcom has interesting episodes. I watched this when I was about 10, so I just don't remember. First seasons are great. My niece Eva and I love to watch it!


It's the most difficult movie of this list to write about. This movie tells about stories of different people who daily visit one cafe of their town and film shows storis of their different situation. But it's not all. Turns, all reality is no real and people in the movie are avatars. It's like video game ''Sims''. 
Never watched something like that! Interesting idea!

''The art of getting by''
I love actors of this movie! It's why I whatched it! Emma Roberts one of my favorites!
If you like to watch movies about teens, you probably will like it! About teen's lives, fears, their world and, of course, first love.

''From Prada to Nada''
This movie about two girls that lost all money they had after their father's death. 
I looove this movie and to see how girls are changing and have a fun life situations! I'm sure that will be watch again sometimes!

MTV Video Music Awards 2015
I wanted to watch this online and decioded not to sleep, but after watching of 2 hours of red carpet (I enjoyed it), when show started, every site that had live video  of the show had too many visitors, so it's was imposible to watch. A little bit pity, but I finally watched this. 
It's third year when VMA look like Miley's Cyrus show. Especially, this year. This year the show was the most greatest and funniest, so I love.


  1. Twój blog ma w sobie to coś, dlatego zostaję u Ciebie na dłużej! Jeśli spodoba Ci się mój blog, dołącz do obserwatorów, a ja jak najszybciej odwdzięczę się tym samym. :)

  2. You watched two movies from my list! Glad you enjoyed them! I haven't seen Cafe but I'll check it out!

    1. i wanted to watch more, but turns that I watches sme already!

  3. I loved this years VMAs, Miley totally rocked it! :)

  4. Great list Anna :) Pursuit of happyness is a beautiful movie,my fav too. Reading your reviews I want to watch Cafe and the art of getting by soon.

  5. Lovely post xx

  6. Thanks for sharing, now I know that I will be watching this weekend haha

  7. I'm out of my favourite TV series, so this is perfect timing! :)) From Prada to Nada! Thanks! xo

  8. The art of getting by is great movie!

  9. Simpsons seasons 1-10 were really good

  10. I want to watch that From Prada to Nada movie! I am sure it is so funny and also, a life changing moment! You are really watching very good things, for sure! Cafe would also be on my list!

  11. "The pursuit for happyness" is a great movie. I love it.

  12. I've heard The Pursuit of Happiness is so good! Great picks!

  13. Lovely post
    The Pursuit of Happiness is an excellent movie

    Love Vikee

  14. The pursuit of happyness is such a beautiful movie! Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  15. Hi Alina!
    great suggestions you have here. I still have to catch up on some of these amazing movies!
    thanks for shout out!
    wish you a great sunday!
    kisses, Aida


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