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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I wanted to write on the blog yesterday, but I had really nice and cosy day home with my closest relatives and in the end of the day I started not to feel good and even still not now, but it's ok, so I'm here. I said before that's pretty cold here in my city when autumn is back, but recent two days in Khmelnitskiy (it's where I live) real winter, just without snow. It's strange, as I've wearing a t-shirt ten days ago and it was really really really hot. We never have normal weather - it's or cold, or hot. It's what happening every year in spring, when one day it's still snowy and cold and in one day it's hot like in the summer, and in autumn.
In any way, I think that autumn in the best season to wear clothes you like. Finally you can to wear something more that top and shorts. Sweater weather!!!<3
Some my favorites what I love to weath in colder weather:

SweeaateeersThe main thig of autumn clothes. I love big and comfy ones, I feel free when wear it.
 Also it's time for cute and funny hats.
My personal love is faux leather jackets.
Also from all shoes in autumn I prefer boots
I like not only leather jackets, I like faux leather pants, they even look cooler. Plus, I noticed they make our legs to look skinnier.
In autumn we can to wear more denim. My favorite shirt still is one with minions print which I got almost two years ago from Choies.
And last one it's coats.

What's your favorite clothes in autumn?


  1. These are stunning photos!! Nothing like a chucky sweater in the Winter

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Nice pictures! I love the sweaters!

  3. I love the sweater & quirky denim shirt!!! Great pics <3

  4. Great pics. Love funny hats!

  5. Sweaters are so comfy!

  6. so sweet girl..
    thats cool..:)

  7. We still have one and half months for warmer clothes.Your pictures always gives me inspiration :)
    would you like to read about my fall post?

    1. here is pretty cold already. in 1.5 months it will be super cold.

  8. Twój blog ma w sobie to coś, dlatego zostaję u Ciebie na dłużej! Jeśli spodoba Ci się mój blog, dołącz do obserwatorów, a ja jak najszybciej odwdzięczę się tym samym. :)


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