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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top 10 Tips for Being More Positive

One of the photos I did in the village else. I'll share another ones in a few hours!

Finally I'm here, cold days make me to be lazy, I want to blog, but recently because of this cold weather I'm so sleepy. In any way, I'm here and want to talk about how to stay positive and my top tips.
I'm one of those people who always happy. Okay, I have sometimes bad mood, if I'm sick or I've heard awful news, like wars, disasters somewhere e.t.c. 
My childhood was pretty hard, as other kids bullied me because of my problems with my health, and with my real friends I could only to play games, like barbies or cars (and other toys), but not games where I have to move fast (I started to go only in 4 years old and later I started to go, but bad). My friend have saying all the time like: ''Alina, sorry, please, wait while we're playing our running game a little bit and we'll back to play with you''. 
So when I was a kid, I understood that I have to stay strong and positive, if I want to live, not just exist. 

1. My tip is number one is stop to worry if somebody says something bad about, because normal happy person that trying to become better and better will never do it. It's doing people that or are jealous of your life, or people have really bad problems in their life, or something wrong with their brains. So just don't care. Never.

2. If you have a big dream, don't listen to those people who haven't reached it. Listen only who already reached it. I'm sure that person will not say it's unreal, as he/she already did it!

3. Sleep enought. This tip is a different a little bit. I feel so much better when go to bed and wake earlier. Morning atmosphere is beautiful and makes me feel happy, sunrise, streets without people, nature that waking up.

4. Fruits and sweets. Food really make to feel us better (if not to eat too much). I prefer to eat something chocolate, bananas or oranges. They are really the best for this!

5. Fresh air + good music in your headphones. Everyday's walks make us health to be better, so we feel more positive too. I've read in a newspaper that in the everyday's walks add 15 years to our lives. For me walks are one of the best ways to feel better. And I like to walk alone with my thoughts/dreams in my head and favorite songs in my ears.

6. Have your favorite things to do and better to have a few of them, as we become bored of the same things that we do too often.
It makes people to always be busy and haven't time to worry about something. Also you can to be proud of you when do something good and nothing makes us to feel better than this.

7.  Friends. You're lucky, if have real friends, so be thankful for it and don't forget about the. Go to call to your friends and say that you want to walk with them. I think it's the best thing that makes us happy, or I forgot something?

8. Give a kindness to other. Help to people that need it, cook something delicuious for your favorite people that you don't cook usually, do a suprise to someone you like. Stop to be angry at someone and say don't aftaid to say ''sorry'' if you have. You don't need a special day for it!

9. If you have a lot of free time today, make a beauty day today. You have to go to beauty salon or to do it all by yourself. You will feel confident and pretty after, so it means more happy.

10. Everyday have a time to rest and to dream a little bit. It's very useful for reaching our goals and making our mood better.

Hope you like this post, soon will be next one. And my question:
What you favorite tip for being more positive?


  1. That are really great tips! I try to keep it in my mind!


    Littlest Fashion Show

  2. I didn't know you had health problems, sorry that you had to go through this! But now I hope you are OK? I agree with you, being positive is always better. I love to sleep and I also like to be kind to people. We are here in this world to spread joy, not to be nasty! I loved your post!

    1. No, I still have, but I just don't care about too much.

  3. Nice tips... Love favorite things tip♥♥

  4. Perfect! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  5. Thank you for these tips!

  6. Great tip! #1 is definitely my favourite one - so true! xo

  7. such a lovely post! Getting enough sleep is so important, my brain can't function properly otherwise! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  8. I really love this post,and my personal tips to add at you post is: Smile everyday. For me it's so important make a smile at muself everyday,it's a little bit charge for my soul

  9. Sleep is certainly important. I think some people constantly go through a lack of it, and often act like toddlers who hadn't had a nap

  10. I agree on your every points.very informative :)
    I would love to follow you on bloglovin if you follow me :)

  11. Twój blog jest bardzo ciekawy ;)


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