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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Throw Back: The Prettiest Evening

Today is 26.09. and it means that's birthday of my town where I was born and still living. That day usually we have free concerts in a few different places where sing the best singers of Ukraine and sometimes some singers/dancers e.t.c. from other countries. You know, that in Ukraine it's 3rd hard year (because of the war on the East), so it's not a time celebrate. But I remember one fun and awkward thing that happened with me a few years ago.

That year was a great concert on our town's biggest stadium and I leave my sitting place to go to a shop to buy something (I even don't remeber what). So I'll go on the way where were many-many-many people and forget to look at the road for a few seconds (I watched on the sitting seats, as there were many thousands of people and it looked great hehe). And you know what happend? Of course, I fell #foreverawkward. 
When I looked up, it turned out, I stumbled upon the members of the legendary group of Belarus. I was shocked. They helped me get back on my feet. 

You know, this group is something like a Belarusian "The Beatles". They have been popular even in the 60s.

That wasn't only thing that happened that evening. One woman almost made me to suffocate. Accidentally. I just wore a scarf that night, and it caught on her bag and she go very quick and I felt very bad. It is so good that my sister's husband stopped her quickly.

So yeah, these days of my town's birthday were always special. I always went on the concerts or other special things. Last year was the evening that I'll never forget.  The prettiest one. 20 000 lantherns of the peace in the sky. Some photos:
Hope you liked my stories hehe. I have so much more, because I celebrate this every year, but don't want that post was too long.

This year I don't feel good to go somewhere, but the main thing is that it's not very right to celebrate this day, while we have this situation on the east of country. Hope soon will be the peace!


  1. Beautiful photos! And very interesting to learn about your town. It sounds like a fun celebration.

    That's so scary about your scarf almost choking you :( I'm glad you're okay.

    xo Azu

  2. beautiful photos the sky looks so beautiful!!
    happy weekends!!


  3. Wow! Gorgeous pictures. I'm jealous you got to experience that in person :)

  4. Beautiful pics! It looks really emotive.

  5. So beautiful :) reminded me of tangled movie.


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