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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Throw Back: One Year Ago

Hey guuuuys! It's 4th day when I'm sick and 3rd day when I don't blog, as first day I felt pretty ok, but later it was not good, even now - I have a bad voice, cough e.t.c.  By the way I get sick of this type of illnesses really rarely. Last time was I think in winter. And before a few years I was not sick. I think I felt yesterday better, than today. Any ways, I already want to be in blogging and do other things I need/want.
I've seen some bloggers do throw back posts where share what they've doing this day last year. So I checked it out and turned that I had really a great day with my sister together. By the way, I changed a bit. Anybody can notice this too? I think now I'm better... at least, my cheeks are not so big already haha.
Some photos:
This pic is  still one of my favorites, lovely place.
 That day we with my one and only sister Lyuda decided to go somewhere. And we decided to visit the newest part of out town. There are so pretty  buiding. I wish that in center of my city buildings were so good, as there. As from the center people started to buid our town, there're the oldest houses (more 350 years). Some of them are pretty very much, but mostly... The worst thing I don't like in my town. 
I remember how I tried to make a good photos of buildings and nature (this is so pretty there too), but then I had problems with my camera's lense. Any ways, the main thing that we had a fun together and still remember how it was cool to spent with almost whole day. Especially was great in the forest-park, we thought that this is calm place with nobody around and my sister even wanted to change a few outfits, but turned there were a loooooot people. It looked like that day there was the whole city haha. 
We have seen a lot of new nice things and discovered that our town is becoming so big... and high. I want to there when it will be ''gold'' days of the autumn. Hope it will come true. Just a little wish.


  1. Nice pics great scenery

  2. Your top is so pretty, loving your eye makeup too! <3

  3. You are pretty ! :) amazing photos :)

  4. Such an awesome post. I absolutely adore this. Happy Wednesday dear! :)


  5. Wow so lovely!

  6. Oh, I hope you feel completely well soon! At least you look so beautiful! So nice to be with your sister and I like old houses, by the way. I liked your colorful outfit and I liked the location for the photos! Now try to relax a bit and get well soon!

    1. I don't look good recently, it's photos are taken 1 year ago.
      thank u! also i like old pretty houses, but not all old houses are pretty.

  7. Bardzo ładne zdjęcia <3


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