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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Things OF Golden Season I Like the Most + Fall Inspiration

Heeey!!! I'm so exited about autumn, that it's my third post this autumn and third post about it, haha. Today we have real fall weather in my town (only trees are still green), but yesterday had the hottest temperature eve in this year. Can you believe it? Usually it happens in July.
Yesterday I hadn't internet whole day, before today's morning, but it still works not as good as usual. So if my internet will work good, I write more posts today and while I want to share with you this post about my favourite things that we do/see/e.t.c. usually only on autumns. Say me what your favorite autumn things in comments below!
1. Books, as usually I have the best mood for reading in autumns
2. Autumn atmospere. So calm and cozy.
3. My music taste. In a summer I usually listen everything that play on radio and TV often. The most of this music are pretty stupid. Especially text, but in autumns I love to search new good music.
4. Sound of fallen leafs under legs.
5. Halloween atmosphere. Okay, in Ukraine it's not celebrate too much yet, as some people think that a holiday of evil, so kids are afraid to go to houses and ask candies e.t.c. When I've doing it with friends, when we were younger, mostly old people yelled on us.
But young and little people love to celebrate this day at clubs, home parties with friends. All clubs (and not only they) have Halloween parties those days.
6. It's time for pies! Apple pie, pumpkin pie or chocolate pie. Yummy!
7. Beauty of colorful trees. So simple, but one of then most prettiest things ever. I love, especially, red ones.
8. Autumn style of clothes in the best - on September you can still wear some your summer clother, but it will be not so hot and later you wear you favorite sweaters, jeans and hats.
9. The best times for photos!!! All photo-lovers understand me, as in the summer sung shines too bright almost whole day and snowy days of winter are not the best, usually my skin looks strange in winters - red nose, grey skin (as snow is very light) + it's cold, so not good for a camera.
Some another my autumn photo-inspirations from Tumblr:


  1. super cute post! Thank you for sharing this! Cant wait for fall :)

    1. I can't wait for real golden a little bit cold fall too!!!

  2. Oh yes, autumn! I love pies, books and Halloween atmosphere, like you said! All things pumpkin and Halloween parties!

  3. I love this post! Can`t wait for the fall! :)''

  4. Lovely photographs! I think I am a little bit of a floater in a sense that I love all the seasons, I see the beauty in all of them and tend to get quite bored of them fairly quickly so I am mostly happy to welcome a new season now!

    Would really appreciate it if you could like our facebook page 'The Bloggers Platform'. It's a page by bloggers for bloggers, to share our blogs, posts, and ideas with each other! Thank you :)

    Grace xxx

  5. Super piszesz !

  6. The autumn is a magical season in my opinion. Well portrayed in this post!

    Love your blog and I´m following on G+. Hope you follow me too. Big kiss

  7. Unas fotos realmente increibles. Me ha encantado el post. Un beso


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