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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Main Reason Why I Waited for The Autumn

Yay, in Ukraine is autumn! New season, new little life! Time to make our lives better! 
Of course, If I could to make a summer a little bit longer, I did it. Buuut, let's enjoy what we have! I love summer, but tired a little bit of a hot weather... okay, not a little bit, I'm tired so much! I'm really glad that now weather is becoming colder and colder every day. And, also, by the way, I know that it's a bit strange, but I have a Christmas mood more a week hehe. Probably, I know why, as these recent two years were super fast, only now I feel that's time for a New year and Christmas lol!
Also I've finally watched all episodes of ''Violleta''. Even about week ago ago. I know it was fast. But recently I love to watch series while I'm doing different important things. Happy that every autumn so much new episodes of my favorite series. I think this is the main thing that makes me want autumn haha. 
Now I had to decide what to watch next. I'm choosing from re-watching ''Friends''or continue to watch ''Supernatural''. I finished to watch about after 3 season. What your favorite series and what you're going to watch this autumn?
Just did recent photos of this summer this night.
By the way, now I watch ''Simpsons'', second season. First seasond were so good, I think now it's not so good!


  1. I'm looking forward to autumn! It's my favourite season after spring! Beautiful pics!
    Have a nice day!

    1. For me spring is the worst one hehe. Because half of spring we have still a snow and ice in Ukraine.

  2. Replies
    1. But this is here already... or not in your country still?

  3. Ours doesn't start until September 23

    1. aw I had no idea, but I agree that real autum start in the of september.

  4. Super post już obserwuję ;)

  5. I like Friends, still :) And I am also in Christmas mood - this week I will buy the first presents! Cause the year is just flying!!! Unbelieveable! I loved your bracelets, so cool!

  6. I love your hair, it's so pretty! It's not yet fall in California, but I can't wait! I like watching White Collar, Reign, and Awkward.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  7. Autumn is absolutely my fav season!
    It's also when I rematch SATC so guess that's what I'll be watching. :P



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