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Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hey. Just want quickly to share with you guys some photos from today's day. I haven't feel good three days already, plus, forest fires are so many in Ukraine recent day in many cities, that all towns and villages smell so bad, my head hurted whole day because of it yesterday. I have no idea why so many fires during a few days, maybe because two days ago was the most hottest day ever this year. But yesterday was so rainy and today sooo cooold, as it's the end of October, for example. Love it. I needed fresh rainy air.
Time to find warmer clothes! Boo helped me, hehe.
I need more sweaters, I have so many sweatshirts, shirt and expecially t-shirts, but almost all my sweaters look not good already , so I need new ones.

Hot chocolate drink + a liitle bit of milk and Kresko cookies. Great cookies and I hope that's true  about theit useless for human's health.
While we have summer fruits, I eat them everyday alot. Especially, watermelon. ♥
Eva asked me to take photos of her, as always. It's already not as easy, as was before, as she moves too much and photos are flurry and she always doing strange face photos. But I said her what to do and chose the best ones.
say to her nothing to do with her face, then she's prettiest. I love photos when people even don't know that I took photos of them ( #paparazzi ), they are the best.
Eva visit me at least one time per three days, so it's so not boring days with her. She's so noisy and speaks so much lol.

Probably, my only sweater that I have for this autumn, haha.


  1. I hope the fires stop and that the villages smell good again! Your niece is always so sweet and you too! I love watermelon and cookies :) Not together, of course! I also love fall, it is so cozy! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Hot chocolate is perfect for the cold weather! I love watermelon!

  3. The weather is getting that way, is it not? I love the impressions of your photos.

    Mrsinlondon blog | Travel | Lifestyle | London

  4. The fires are terrible! Summer in Portugal always is tragical!

    Nice photos! kiss
    Insta @cocojeansblog

  5. Great photos !! :) I love colorful clothing :)

  6. I don't think it will get cold over here in South Carolina for at least two months. It's still in the 90's (34C) over here

    1. Today we have 15C hehe. And strong wind and little rain.


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