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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

''Dislike'' Button on Facebook

I wanted to share this news when I've heard it first time a few days ago,but I forgot and later baceme sick, so I write it only now. I don't know if you already know that Facebook going to get ''dislike'' button, it real, and Mark Zuckerberg says that it will be very soon.

Guys, what do you think about it? My opinion that Facebook don't need this button, as, if don't like something, we can just ignore or even block if it's really something bad.
 Also I think it's not good for kids/teens (or maybe even adults) that really care what somebody says about them and if someone of this type of people will see ''dislikes'' on their photos and they will think they're ugly or something else. I think this button can to make sad some people.
But I believe that it has a positive side too, if someone decided to do this and mostly of people want it.

Hope Instagram is not going to do the same thing. Honestly, I wish that  one day Instagram will become a social media without likes, as everybody care about them too much (even me). So it's why I like snapchat (as there isn't any likes or something else). Better if they show how many people saw it. It's just what I think, you can to be not agree with, but I'm interested in your opinions about that! So what do you think about it? Facebook needs ''dislike'' button?
P.S. I think this one is so much funnier:


  1. I don't think it's a good idea, it's too negative

  2. This is a pretty needless addition by facebook. I Agree with you!

  3. I agree with you.. there is no need of it!

    Alice's Pink Diary

  4. Oh... it will be so bad to many people... cause many people will hit the dislike button just for fun, or to be nasty and some people will really feel bad about it... especially many bloggers who pose willing to be top models, and if someone writes "dislike" they will feel really very down. I don't think it's a good button.

  5. ya hi agree...this will just give ppl to be more hateful im not happy about it too!!new pos is up :D

  6. Bardzo ładne zdjęcia <3


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