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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I thought it's not a bad idea to re-watch some my old photos from the recen autumns of 2013 and 2014 years to inspire myself to be ready for autumn this year. I don't think that I had one favorite season, as all of them has negative sides, but autumn is the season that had the greatest atmosphere. What can to be better than autumn walk? Already not hot, not cold yeat, easy air after rain and favorite music in the headphones. Autumns aren't so bad, as some people think. Some people when hear about autumn, imagine only bad sides of study, everything is gray and ugly e.t.c.
I re-watched my autumn posts and noticed that I had a lot of fun, so autumn not less brighter than summer. All in our hands, how good are our days in golden season. 
Also I understamd that I need to take more photos of good moments, as I forget it fast and easy. Some my autumn moments 2013-2014. Travels, important holidays, real ghosts on the Halloween, fun moments e.t.c.
More in my archive on the blog if you're interested.

One of moments I remembered very good is when I went to Ukranian city of lions, in the enter of the city (it looked like a mountain) where so much of fog. It was so pretty, I felt like I'm Bella from ''Twilight'' or just something like that haha. It's just had this atmosphere. So sad that my lense of camera worked bad that time. If I had my new lense then It were perfect photos. Really sad.
Also I visited a few cities on the west of Ukraine that day. Ahhh I want to do thi again so much. I had to as about this my dad, because it was really cool.

Also in 2013 I visited a village wedding of my cousines. This is was without luxury, as in the cities usually, but village weddings are so fun. If you wasn't in a wedding in village, you miss a lot of fun. 
Fun fact: When I was a kid, I said to my parents that will have my wedding in the village, because there village are more interesting and funnier. Haha is this okay, when you're 3-4 years old daughter say it? I can imagine reaction of my mam and dad.
Also big thing happened for my hamster - the last autumn he got his own car. No, I'm kidding, of course. It's just a toy of my niece.
 Back to 2013. I remember so good that one of the autumn days I had a great day with my sister and her family.  We've walking, sitting at the cafe, had a big shopping. Love that day. 
But Eva had so much more fun...
 Last year we had a few times when we had a snow before the winter, even in October, although snow have melting in a few hours usually.
 Halloween I associated with my niece, as latest halloween I ''celebrate'' with my her. She even asked me when will be a next Halloween yesterday. I thought she don't remember it.
So hope this Halloween I will be with her!!! ♥

Halloween 2013 was fun in the start - favorite Halloween cartoons, favorite pumpkin pie, favorite niece, hehe. Also I did a photo by my old phone how cool atmosphere was on the streets on Halloween, but camera sadly can't show it, but I remember that it was really super Halloweena atmpspere.
Also in the night I've seen a ghost - shiny woman near my room. You can not believe it, but I'vee seen it. I was so scared, as probably never before. I wrote about it then.
Halloween 2014. Was fun, we watched some Haloween cartoon and have doing ghosts. That day I haven't seen any ghosts lol.
 I remember last year one shop sent me some clothes for a blog review and I already have to do it. Everybody were busy to make photos and I decided that doesn't want to take photos home, as on streets air is so much better. And what I did? I went to the boutanique garden near my house, where are pretty a lot of humans. I put my camera on a big rock and started to take photos by myself. I tried to do it when nobody see it, as it was akward, hehe. Also I had a situation when two boys started to staring at me and I started to staring on them too and they just then after it. I was so strange and awkward. Hope I'll never need do it again
There are so pretty nature. Especially on autumn.
 One of my favorite days of last autumn, when I with one and only my sister Luda went to walk in the newest part of our town + the forest-park. There was so pretty and cool, I prefere to live there, but it has some negative sides, as there always so windy and pretty cold and not so near to the centre, as from my home.
 The most remembered day of last autumn is the birthday of my city. 20 000 of lanters of the peace in the sky. I felt like I'm in a fairytale.

 Jut love this bright colors of autumn tree.
 That moment when Eva found my jewelry box and wore almost everything together.Here she's so tiny! Two years ago...
 2013. Go to the forest for mashrooms! Can't wait do it this year!
Eva was a driver. No, I'm kidding again.
 A few days with the village nature.

Also I noticed that every autumn have exoperements with my hair. What I'll do this year?
In the village with my niece Eva for two days two years ago. We were not alone, of course.
She's not only my niece and favorite kid ever, she's my photographer.
Look what a beautiful photo she took. Probably the best one of me. At least, here I have perfect skin and big blue eyes lol.
Everyone dream about a photographer, as Eva.
Honestly, Eva really can to do a good photos from she was 2, probably, but when she did this photo, on my camera was a long exposure time.
 Okay, the end. A long post, a long time I spent to write this post, search and add photos and other. So hope you liked it. Have a fun autumn! I'm ready for this autumn after this post! It's going to be amazing, don't forget! <3 


  1. Lovely post with beautiful photographs :)

  2. Piękny blog już obserwuję ;)

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the representation of all the seasons.

  4. You've had some beautiful autumns! Your photos are so vibrant and lively.
    Enjoy this autumn too :)

  5. I agree! Autumn is a lovely season. I love the autumn foliage! Before everything turns dry and gray, they will show a rich red and orange colors. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  6. Great autumns pics!

  7. Beautiful pictures and great post.

    Love Vikee


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