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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Ahhh I wanted to make a post something like a long time, but, you probably know, that I'm sick recently, so it's not a good time to take photos of myself. I even didn't any photos of me these days. Today I'm recently okay, but now I have a period after the illness, so still not have energy. Also it's hard to take photos when you're sick, because  you're not happy and haven't energy, when it happens we are not pretty, as usual. So yeah, I even wondered why I'm so not photogenic now, but took a few normal photos.
I want to make posts like this. At least, I need to do it, because I have a lot bright eyeshadows on my eyeshadow pallete. I used all brown, grey and light colors and really have no idea what to do with other 70 colors, like a neon pink or bright blue hehe.
I just needed more sport, walks, fresh air and healthy food. Hope then I will feel prettier or at least my skin will become better, because now I feel like I'm 13 again. I mean at this age I had the worst skin ever. 
This year I'm so bad in sport, I'm not proud of myself, but I'm going to back to this in a few days. I'll write about it, blogging and my hips inspire me to do it.
Also I'm going to make my hair and teeth better. You will see what I mean soon. 

So some photos of my today's makeup. I love to use darker lipsticks on autumns. I used lipstick from ''Romantic collection'' and lipgloss ''Perfect kiss'' from ''Avon'' together. Eyeshadows ''MSQ'', I ordered it on And foundation from ''Christian'', it's sooo goooood and very cheap.
This cute cookie from my niece Eva. <3


  1. Cool makeup, love the idea for fall!

  2. I love your eye makeup <3 Beautiful pics!!

    Kisses <3

  3. This is beautiful! Follow for follow? If you want to just follow me and I'll follow back.

  4. Cute, lovely pics :)

  5. I am glad that you are feeling better! You are right, it's difficult to do anything after being sick, no energy, tiredness... my eyes ache today, so I know what you mean! I loved the makeup, very well done! The eyes look great, you are like a professional!

  6. awwww you look lovely girl!! and im glad your better...i hate fallin sick :(

  7. Great colors!

  8. You look fab anna :)


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