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Thursday, September 17, 2015

15 Autumn Posts Ideas + Winner of My Giveaway

 As it's the bigest half of September is finished and almost real fall is here (omg, I can't wait for colorfur tree and beautiful autumn air), I think it's finally time to for this post. I just want to give inspiration to people need it. 
Sometimes I have no idea about what to write next and need new ideas. It happens in every blogger's life, so If you don't know about what to write, here are some ideas from me:
1. Write  your autumn plans. It's time, later can to be too late, so let's go! Posts about plans are great motivation, it really helps to reach your goals.

2. Write you top favorite things about autumn. It can to inspire you and other, if you're not exited about the fact that now is autumn season and want summer back.

3. Autumn is the greatest season for people who love to take photos of nature, so go to the place, where is nice nature, take good photos of trees or other things and share it later on your blog.

4. Write about your favorite things that happened last autumns or some fall interesting stories from your life.
 5. Share with your readers recipes of your favorite autumn meals. It can to be pumpkin pie or Halloween cookies e.t.c.

6. Make a Halloween DIY, if you have an idea.

7. Write about favorite clothes or beauty products that you use in autumn.

8. List of you favorite movies that you watch on Halloween or just in autumn.
9.  Share your new autumn purchases (things for study, clothes, home decorations or delicious food).

10. Autumn wish list. 

11. Autumn TAG.

12. Back to school (university, work e.t.c.) posts. It can to be about what you bought new for study, outfits that you wear there or lifestyle e post from a place you study.
 13. Share your favorite outfits you wear this autumn.

14. Your autumn makeup.

15. Share your favorite autumn pictures from Tumblr, Pinterest e.t.c.

... And winner of my givaway is Mike from Alford. He already knows it, as I texted to him, but I think that some of you wait for this post to know who is a winner of September Kawaii box giveaway.
Congrats to the winner again!! <3


  1. I loved the ideas, I will write about my wishlist and things I like to during fall and Halloween, as well! I like fall very very much, I think it's good for pictures of nature, like you said, and being cozy!

  2. These are some really nice ideas! Lovely post :)

    Sarah |

  3. It's my favorite time of year, though it becomes winter too quick too soon

  4. Love these pics <3 The ombre parka is so beautiful!
    Kisses <3

  5. These photos are so amazing, the colour is just incredible! I LOVE your hair and coat in the last picture, super cute! <3

  6. You look adorable!! Thanks for the awesome ideas

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  7. Cute post, loving the autumnal colours!

    P.S. Would you like to follow each other via google+? Just follow me and I will follow back

    Grace xxx

  8. Great ideas. Love your funny hat!

  9. you look stylish!! love the look!

  10. Love this post ♥

  11. Beautiful photos, so excited for fall!

  12. I love this Idias... I don't have Fall were I live but I like to honor some of the trends...

    Can we follow

  13. Super blog ! Obserwuję ;)

  14. What I great idea for some blog posts!

    Jess x


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