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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The weather in Ukraine is crazy, because the weather recently can't understand if it's summer or already autumn. A few days are cold, a few days hot and a few days cold again. Every day I don't know what to wear. Today is really cold again... and rainy. Probably because of this I feel like I'm so tired whole day, I even did nothing, but in the evening my niece Eva visited me, as yesterday and I have a real reason why I tired, hehe. She was crazy, but still cute today, we played so much, so yeeeah, all I want now is to sleep.
By the way, probably Eve will visit me really often a few months. I'm glad because of it, as with her it can't be boring even one second, she's so noisy and fun! I really waited her whole day before evening, so it will be a fun time! Also then in the blog will be more photos, as Eva love to take photos of me so much hehe. <3


  1. great pics
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  2. cute pictures of you and your niece

  3. What a lovely pictures! You both look so cute!

  4. You two are so fantastic! Eva is so cute and I bet it's never boring around her! I can see through the pictures! I hope you have lots of fun with her, maybe on the weekend? Hope so!

  5. Such cute photos !


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