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Saturday, August 15, 2015

What Kind Of Photos Get Likes The Most

My photos on Instagram recently.

I have my Instagram more a year, and earlier I had Instagram, but later I'll delete it. It were 2012-2013. And now after even more than a year of using this app, I have more 14 000 followers and a lot of things to tell you. 
I noticed that not all my photos get the same amount of likes. First days they haven't a big difference (at least, on my Instagram), but later, when I'll start to be visiting by new visitors of my page and they started to like what they like, then photos gets a huge (for me) difference, like one photo can to have 1500 likes and other one that I posted almost that same day -  500 likes.
So it's my list of photos that I noticed get likes more than other:

Food that look good. I had no idea about it, but later I started to post sometimes my food and noticed that people really like to see pretty food. Especially sweets, cakes, cupcakes or something that you did my your hands.
I post my food pretty rarely, I have idea why. Probably it's because when I look at yummy food, I forget about it and all I want to do is to eat this.

Selfies. On my Instagram some selfies in my top 5 of popular photos. My followers really love it. Maybe it because I'm trying to make it always different, not to make selfies that look the same. 
When you take your new selfie, always think if there is something interesting or new on the photo or you already have something like this.

Animals. Photos of animals are really popular. They have to be cute or funny.
I recommend to take a photo of your pet in unusual place or wearing clothes. Also it's just can to be a good catched moment.

Kids are also good. As they are cuties. I posts sometimes my favorite photos of the niece Eva and just random cute pictures of kind that I find.

Photos where people can to see clothes you wear. Who doesn't like a style inspiration and ideas what to wear? And yes, I have to say to you that these photos are my number 1 of photos that get likes the most!
I don't want to become an another fashion blogger, but I think that I have to post my outfits more.

Photos of you in a good place. People like photos where is background is pretty nature or building.

Art. Drawing, video of singing, nail or makeup art e.t.c. 

Beautiful places. But I have a tip for you. Everyone saw a photo of Eiffel tower a million times, so don't forget to add something new to the photo from you.

And I have a few questions for you! What kind of photos get like the most on your Instagram? And what's your favorite type of photos you will probably like?


  1. Great tips! I barely started an IG account in March or April I think.

    xo Azu

  2. cute one of the dog and the cupcake

  3. Thank you for your helpful advice dear! ^-^
    Have a nice day!

  4. It's true, I like photos of beautiful places and animal, and kids too! I think you are so right! I loved the photos you chose now, they are really sweet and you get many likes because you are fabulous, this has to be considered :)

  5. you are so gorgeous :)
    and 14,000 follower?! thats amazing. I just joined instagram and started blogging few weeks ago.If you'd like to visit my blog its and my insta id is @alshajoshee

    ps added you on my reading list and google+

  6. I love your photos they are so professional and sweet. Do you take them. btw the blue eyeshadow looks amazing on you!

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