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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Violetta | REVIEW

 Recently I've hearing a lot about super popular series Violetta, so I decided to watch what so many people love. Honestly, I've thought that it's another pretty stupid series for kids. Who knows that I'll start to like this too? Now I'm really addicted to this. I know already how I'll spend my August, haha! There are already 240 episodes and each one is 40+ minutes! It's really a lot! Even my grandmother watch series that have less episodes lol! In any case, It's really good and make me remember about some series I watched with my sister when was a kid, like ''Floricienta'' and ''Rebelde way'', as it were filmed in Argentina too. Somebody remember these?
I always say that don't like when actors sing in movies, but in series ''Violetta'' usually I like songs and it's even isn't annoying me hehe. 
Also I want to say this, like a girl - I REALLY LOVE STYLE OF VIOLETTA! Her outfits are something! Girly, cute and cool! Makeups are good too, by the way!
Somebody heard or even watched ''Violetta''? 


  1. Very nice style, for sure! Violetta is very nice! I loved her tulle skirt! There are really so many nice series and soapoperas around the world, that we discover and see how people live in another part! And what they wear!

    1. Yeah, this skirt is perfect! I love to discover what people wear in other countries too!

  2. Her skirt is so pretty! I've never heard of this show before!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. She looks cute<3


  4. Haven't heard of this but cool review.

  5. I really want to watch this now! Is it on youtube?


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