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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Oh hey! It's very late, but I decided to write a new post here, as I don't want to sleep and just want to share this post with you, plus, yesterday were not any posts on the blog.. I'm not going to write a lot of words, as I have to wake up tomorr earlyow. For this time I'll just share photos! Talk with you more tomorrow! 
Today I did a lot of things. This day was the most NOT progressive day recently, haha, but I at least, it was fun. Friends, my little niece, shopping and many interesting things happend that I didn't wait for them. I mean they are good. It was really a nice day!
For tommorow I'm planning a lot of things, so it going to be busy too, but two things I hope will happen - hope it will be a pretty productive day and I'll write on the blog before 2 a.m., as today.
By the way today I was in my favorite thrift shop. I wanted to find some things. One of the things I wanted are books in English language. Usually I buy them there, as it hard to find books in English and here are so cheap. About one dollar usually even less, while in usual shops the will be cost in twenty times more.
By the way this one I got for free.
There were only detective books, so I decided to try to read, at least,one of them. I'm not fan of books and movie about deaths, police e.t.c , but I want to try to read. Maybe I will like it!
Alsohot weather is back in Ukraine, so I needed new legging. I found these cute with roses. Really love the design! I bought them in thrift shop, it's from Nutmeg (?).

 And guuuys I got a new tattoo haha. My tattoo master was my 4 years old niece. She tried to make a good one.


  1. This book looks like such a good read! And you look fabulous!

  2. I haven't heard of that book

    1. I never heard about this book or wriiter of it before too!

  3. I loved your pants/leggings and well done for reading a book in English! The more one reads books in another language, the better you can speak, so well done and for less than $1! Excellent deal!

  4. Thrift stores can be great for finding bargains X

  5. Your leggings are awesome and have fun reading in English! :)


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