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Saturday, August 15, 2015


While it's almost the last two weeks of the most hottest season, I think it's time to do The summer tag post and to talk a little bit about summer things.
Any ways, I haven't this tag on my blog, so let's start!

What is the best part of Summer time?
If this question about my favorite month of the summer, then, of course, it's August. It's because of that this month weather is not so hot, as in July, my birthday, watermelons, also I usually have a summer trip this month and I always loved the name of this month.
So yeah, now, it's my favorite month of the year, not only of summer time!

Do you tan or burn?
My skin is really good for getting a tan, I always get it fast and good, but I was ''burned'' one time a few years ago, as I've sweaming all the time and have no idea that soon I'll back home, so the last day of my sea trip I had sunbathing whole day and I even can't even explain how bad I look later. Almost all my skin was in pimples. 
I had to go even to a hospital. So never get a tan, as I did it!

What is your favourite Summer food? 
FRUITS, FRUITS, FRUITS... and some vegetables, like tomatoes and cucumbers!

Probably also people say that the best summer food is ice cream, but I'm not a big ice cream lover, I'm more chocolate lover.

What is your favourite Summer drink?
Strawberry smoothie. By the way, it's only type of smoothies I tried and love it!
Also cold coffee with a milk and ice cream is really good too, I drank it whole July.

What is your favourite Summer clothing item?
I love my new white t-shirt with sculls and also this summer I wear blue leggings with flowers almost every day. I need more leggings, like these!

What is your favourite phone app during the Summer?
I'm pretty busy recently to use new phone apps, so my favorite app is still Instagram now. 

What is your favourite Summer movie?
I noticed that in the summer I don't watch a lot of movies. In any ways, in summer I like re-watching movies of Olsen twins, for example.
I just love to watch sunny and funny movies in hot days.

What is your favourite Summer beauty product?
Recently I started to wear lipliners of neutral colors and I'm really glad that I started to do this. It's make my lips to look so much better!

What is your favourite Summer activity?
I'm really very lazy this summer, as never before. I'm even bad in fitness this year.

What is your favourite lip product during the Summer?
Okay, I already said about lipliners,but also I can't live without lipglosses in this hot weather. My lips are becoming really bad in hot or cold weather.


  1. I love strawberry smoothies too! And I prefer choccolate like you! ^-^
    Great tag dear, I like this kind of post!
    Lots of kisses :**

    1. We have the same food taste probably!;)

  2. I love this post. Do you mind if I do it on my blog? I sounds like you're having a great summer!

    1. You can to write this, it's not my idea.

  3. I somewhat the same in summer when it comes to movies. They always use the term summer blockbuster but it always seems the best ones come out in winter

  4. Summer to me is Icecreams and swimming :)
    Love from Nepal

  5. Lovely pictures!


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