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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Late night again and I'm here haha. I always write only after 00:00. I'll try not write a lot now, as I'm going to wake up early tomorrow. First reason is to get a good habit to wake up in the morning, not when normal people have a dinner. Really. Second reason is that tomorrow will a very busy day (but I'll try to find a time for the blog), as it's a day before my birthday. Yeah, the day after tomorrow will be my b-daaaay! I can't believe it, if to be honest. I can't believe that it's already August and it's time for the birthday and even more I can't believe in thing that I'll turn 19. How crazy it it? I feel like I'm 16 or 17 maximum. I even can't think that I'll be 20 next year. Oh god, I'm not ready for this, hope this year will be long, at least, not so fast, as my last two years. It's my main wish, haha, seriously, as time is crazy ! 
So yeah, tomorrow I'll have to buy some food, cook dishes and clean later and it's not all, so I have work. At least, on my birthday I'll rest, hah! I don't know where and how I will celebrate. Now I just planning to cook some dishes that I love. Maybe I'll go with my family to nature, near river or forest, but on my birthdays are so hot, always! So it's not comfortable. And I don't want to go to a cafe/restaurant, because I want to make all my favorite dishes. Last year I was in the bar with my friend, this year I want to be home, but I'm not sure how everything will be. The most important thing is that it's have to be fun, no matter where and how.

 I dyed the bottom of my hair in pink, while I have light bottom before I'll cut my hair, as my hair is long already and I look like a Rapunzel.
Later I'll dye it again for better effect. It's only to first two-three washing of hair.

And yeas, I still can't stop watching ''Violetta'', it's really good! Funny and cute!
And other thing I can't stop doing is drink polish cappuccino from LaMovida. I can't drink something another now, heh. What I can to do, if it's really good? 
By the way, I got some earrings:


  1. I liked your hair and loved the heart earrings! It's nice to be home for the birthday, so you can do what you want and when you want! 19 is so sweet, don't worry and just enjoy the nice age! As much as you can, before 25, then it adds so many different things, so enjoy being 19 a lot!

    1. 25 is not big age, so I think I'll enjoy it and later, hehe))) thanks!

  2. HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a great time. Im turning 18 this year and I can't believe that either. Loved how you dyed your hair BTW

    BCfactor Blog

  3. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Damn look gangsta fierce girl right down to the posing and hair!!!

  4. HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!!! I am 12 years young but in only a few years I'll have so much on my plate so I really do want the next few years to go slow. I hope you have a great birthday!I love the 1st,2cnd and 4th earrings can you send me the links please? Don't worry you still look young and 19 isn't that old!

    1. I will have b-day tomorrow, thanks!
      I've bought earring in simple shop, not online. If I buy something online, I always add links.
      Haha, it's a problem that I look young too much for 19.

  5. Congratulations!! - The heart earrings are so sweet :))

  6. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog!! Sure I would love to follow each other!! I'm following you now on bloglovin, twitter and google+! Sorry for the delay! xx Hope you will follow me back on all!!

    Keep in touch

  7. I love your earrings dear! ^-^

  8. hey, thanks for dropping a comment on my blog. You're pretty ^^ and don't worry, 20's gonna be great ;)

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