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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review: Milk&Honey Gold | ORIFLAME

Some of the gifts for my birthday were products from Milk&Honey line (Oriflame). I showed it already on my birthday post, but when I finally tried it all, I can to write about it more.
I got two products - a hair mask and cleansing milk. Their design in two colors - white and gold (milk and honey), I think it looks pretty cool. Their smell are a little bit different. I prefer a smell of cleansing milk. I really in love with this smell, but any ways, I don't hear here a smell of milk or honey. A hair mask smells like a perfume for me. By the way, hair don't smells after using this.
They two look like a cream. A cleansing milk has white color and hair mask has cream color.
Let's talk about every product more!
Cleansing milk:
As I said before it has a fabulous smell, really really really good smell. I can to smell it forever haha!!!
Also it's not too oily, as previous one. 
It's really the best cleansing milk I ever had. Really perfect for me. Maybe it's just last one from Avon was bad. It was so oily and becoming to a mask in a few months, not very good, but clean nice.
This one clean nice to.
I think it pretty good for my a little bit oily type of skin. I'll re-buy, any ways!
Positive side:
Smell, look of the milk, good cleaning, not very oily:
Negative side:
I got a bottle that doesn't work. So If I press on it, I don't get a cream. I need to open to bottle to use it.
Hair mask:
Let's started with the fact that this haven't a good smell, as cleaning milk. I tried it once and it doesn't work for my hair. Maybe my hair became a little bit more shinny and softy, but as I said only a little bit. And I even I'm not sure about it. So I'm not going to use it often and re-buy.
Positive side: 
It's comfortable to use it and mask look nice.
Negative side:
It's doesn't work. I don't see any effects.


  1. Thanks for the honest review of the hair mask X

    1. I did honest review of cleansing milk too, heh;)

  2. The cleansing milk sounds great!

  3. Sounds intersting, thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the look of these!


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