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Monday, August 17, 2015

Girl's WebCam Fun

Hello guys! What's a fun day I had with my baby, I mean my niece Eva, that is so often on my blog. Probably, I took photos of her more often, than photos of myself haha! Just little kid are so cute and photogenic. I wish to be so photogenic, as my niece!  
So yeah, my weekend was pretty fun! These days after my birthday that was a little more than a week ago are really different  from what I had before. Now everything is good. Especially, I glad about my health - last two years often has problems with my health and now everything is nice with it. Hope that's finally over of it!!! 
I always noticed that after my birthdays start a new period of my life. I'm sure that it's happening not only with me, so what about you?  Maybe it's just my thoughts that everything will be better come true...
In any ways, today Eva with me played with the web-camera. We found really fun site with cool and fun effects. Eva loved it. Send you a few pictures! <3
I took some photos by my camera, but I want to make more, so when I'll do it, I'll back. I'm trying be active while It's still summer holidays and I'm not busy because my University. Ahhh, I'm tired of this hot weather, but I don't want to study yet so much!!! I need at least a month to be ready for it!!!


  1. Hey Anna, Love your blog & your niece is adorable! Happy you found my blog & yes let's follow each other on bloglovin. You'll see me there. Also, if you wish, follow me on Instagram (& I'll follow you back) , My instagram is: @MarissaTDesigns have a great day!

  2. cute pictures :) and cute people.

  3. cute pictures :) cute people.

  4. You are very photogenic, and Eva is too! You two together look so nice! Yes, it's true, after one's birthday, things get much better. It's an astrological rule :) I am glad that you health is OK now! This is the most important in life!

    1. I'm pretty photogenic,it's because I learn what pose e.t.c look better for me, but sometimes I have days when I looks so bad on photos.
      I don't know about this astrological rule, very interesting!
      Of course, health is the most important thing, when you feel bad, then nothing is matters. At least, It learned me something - to be thankful when I feel good.

  5. So fun, love these pics!


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