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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


 I'm one of those bloggers that write only after 00:00. I just went home after 9 p.m. (I visited family of my sister) and while I did and edited all photos, it's took a time. I feel so inspired for blogging recently. I have about 30 ideas of different posts to write. Also I reached my little my goal - I try to walk a lot every day. And know what? It's really funny, everytime with me happen something interesting. Also my next step is not to be too lazy for sport, to go sleep and wake up two hours earlier and drink more... I mean to drink a water haha.
 Also remember that I wrote how how is in Ukraine? Forget about it, it's really autumn now. So fast! Here even already some trees are yellow and their leafs are fallen. Ah, it's really too fast, hope it will be some hot days this year, it's too fast for autumn. 
Autumn for me is experiments with makeup and today I did more bright a makeup. Blue smokey eyes. Colors are so cold, as today's weather. 
Soon I plan to make a lot of makeup posts.

On these photos looks like I lost my one earring, hehe. It's not true. I don't wear today earrings. Only two ones that I always wear on one my left ear. It looks strange one these photos hmmm.
My charge of the camera was slow, so I didn't take a better photo of my sweater. Maybe I'll show you later. I like that this sweater is really long on the back, love it, I think it looks cool.
My niece had a patriotic look (colors of Ukrainian flag are blue and yellow). Love these roses on her head!
Also we bought some goodies. By the way, it's my first time of eating Kinder Joy (taste like Nutella), while Eva eat it so often. When I were a kid I ate Kinder Suprise every a few days too. Then we had a really good toys inside, now they're awful. All. Hm.
Also I want to recommend to you polish cookies ''Hit''. It's one of the best cookies I ate !!!!


  1. Gorgeous eyeshadow! It looks beautiful on you :)

    xo Azu

  2. I would love to try these cookies, Hit! I loved your makeup and ring, and Eva looks so cute, as usual! You two look like two top models, so beautiful you are!

  3. Very pretty eyes, I love the metallic!


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