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Thursday, August 6, 2015


One year ago.
  1. Never say never. Seriously. All the time when I say that something will not happen in my life, it happens. And the most interesting thing that in a few days or, at least, a month.
  2. You create 99% of your life and for what you work, will happen. If you sleep/eat/watch your favorite series all your free time, nothing will happen.
  3. If a person looks cute, it doesn't mean that this person is really cute and kind. How looks a human outside don't show what inside of he/she (I mean a soul haha).
  4. When somebody say you that will be forever with you, it's not always true. For some people ''forever'' is two weeks.
  5. Age means almost nothing. Some kids are so clever in their 5 years, while some people are stupid in their 50 years.
  6. Karma exists. 
  7. You have to try not to think about things you are afraid of. World think that you really want it, if you think about this often and it happens.
  8. You get wrong people in your life for understanding how cool it is to has real friends.
  9. Chocolate cake is the best food forever.
  10. But pizza is amazing too.
  11. This are our lives and we can to what we want. Only things we can't do is to do bad things for other people.
  12. If a person can live a few weeks without you, they can live whole life without you and even don't miss you.
  13. Nobody is perfect, nobody is wrong - everyone is different and perfect in their own way.
  14. If you're not money, then everyone can't like you. And even if you're money, you can to find some people that don't like money.
  15. Listen only people that have what you want.
  16. Never give up. Follow your dream. Miracles happens, if you work.
  17. Dreaming and believing is not enough.
  18. You have to give something to get what you want.


  1. You are 100% right in all you said!! Especially the pizza part hehehe :p

    Xoxo Jessy

  2. karma exists but sometimes it's timing is terrible

  3. I love this, its so nice to hear peoples experiences and what they've learnt x

    Lucy |

  4. Great post and lovely photo!

  5. I loved your post! I agree with many things, like number 1, number 3, number 5... Number 3 is excellent. I know some people who could be considered "ugly", but they are so nice and have such a beautiful heart, that they get to be beautiful. And the contrary too, some people who think they are very beautiful, but they are so horrible inside, that they turn to be very very ugly. And definitely true, some people are nice and mature at 12 years old, and really stupid at 30! I really loved your post!

  6. I absolutely agree with you! Love this post :)


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