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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summertime sadness

 Recently, I listen to this song of Lana Del Rey really often, really feel this song. Probably, recent days I have this ''summertime sadness'' haha. I had to write this post yesterday.  I took a few photos for the blog, but probably I had to use a flashlight, as it was already the evening, all photos have so bad quality. It really made even more sad lol. I hate when I asked a human to take photos and when I'll see that I still haven't photos to show, so I was too angry to write something. 
I'll try to take photos today too. But first I have already to wake up, It's more 13:00, but 'm feeling like I'm still sleepy, also I need to do some things home and to to go to the shop. I didn't go to the shop yesterday, as I had to wait for some guests and I even had no idea when they will visit me, so I waited all day.
By the way, I got the new blouse from . Really good quality. Love how it looks! Really love the bottom of this blouse. I'll show you more photos later. Now I have only this one. By the way, you can find how it look in better quality HERE (LINK).


  1. Well, with flash or not you look very beautiful! I know that at 18 nothing an older person says will be heard :) But if I can tell you something, don't be sad for not blogging when you planned to - people will understand and don't make yourself sad because of that, life is to smile :) Blog when you can and feel like :) Just my opinion!

  2. Love ur expressions intense ...


  3. Dear Alina Your Look & Your Beauty Are Amazin' !!! Lol !!!


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