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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Reasons Why I Love to Be a Lifestyle Blogger

Hello guys! Again late post. This day was really fast, at least, it was pretty progressive and productive, it's the main thing! In any cases, I don't feel  sleepy enough, so I decided to write a post before I'll go to sleep. Maybe it will makes me want it!
I want to talk a little bit about theme why I like to be a lifestyle blogger. I think, I'm still a lifestyle blogger. I know that recently I don't speak a lot about life and just share photos or write posts about different themes. But now I'm working on my goals and it's all, nothing interesting. While I have this period of my life I prefer to write about other things and when something interesting will happen, I'll write about it.

Okay, let's start about reasons why I love to be a lifestyle blogger!;)

♥ I'm from those persons that always forgot their days and what the have doing. Seriously, I often even forget what I did yesterday.
So for a person, as me it's good to write about my days. Very bright days are easy to remember, but what about usual days? Almost every day has something good and interesting, I love to write about my usual days. I like re-reading them, while my ''bright'' days I remember even without the blog.

♥ Ain't cool to write even about little details of an important or just very good day that you can to forget? Love to read thing that I already forgot. Especially, if it's something nice.

♥ You can to write about everything you want. You can to be a beauty, fashion, DIY... e.t.c blogger in the same time. It's all about life.

♥ To be a lifestyle blogger it's not only to write where you was and what you eat today. You can to write different really useful life tips while you write you life posts. Just try to learn a difference of really useless and not interesting things for other. 
It can to be everything, maybe blogger tips or cooking tips or something unusual that you learned lately.

♥ People can to show some things that you don't noticed. When other people start to be interested of reading your blog, they can to say good things that have to make you happy, but you never thought about that, so it makes you happy and sometimes people write bad things, but it for better, as you can to make it better and become a better person;)

So yeah, it's my list. It made me really sleepy, as I said, haha, so I'm going to sleeeeep!

And question of the day: what type of blogger you are?

My last photo on Instagram.


  1. Being a blogger is a really fantastic possibility of spending free time!

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    Have a nice day!

  2. Great post!

  3. I totally agree with everything you said! In the beginning, I didn't know what kind of blogger I was. As of right now, I'm both a fashion/lifestyle blogger (leaning more towards the lifestyle side).

    I think at the end of the day, people should be able to write what they want. It's okay to write fashion, food, etc, as long as it makes you happy :-)

    Chelsea | The Social Rundown | The Fashion Rundown

  4. I would say that I'm a lifestyle blogger too. I post outfit posts often, but I also write about great deal many things and I do DIY posts quite regularly. I also post my illustrations and painting. I like verstaile blogs and I think it is great when we don't limit one another.

  5. I think I like for nearly the same reasons! To write about everything and to connect with nice people. I normally remember things, but to have a diary is always good, so the log can be that too. I liked your post very much!

  6. I guess I qualify as lifestyle blogger, because I write about different things, including food, travel and book reviews, but my main focus will always be beauty and skincare.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. I totally agree with you! Such a great post!

  8. I love the reasons you enjoy being a lifestyle blogger - it's good you love it so much!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  9. I enjoyed reading this. I am glad you love what you do! Xx

    I'd love it if you'd come check out my blog as well:)

  10. Great post! You asked if we could follow each other via Bloglovin -and of course we can! I am following your blog now (:

  11. Great post, being a lifestyle blogger is really awesome <3 Followed you on blog loving and google+ :)
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  12. Going back through old posts is a great way to remember certain stories or experiences :)

    Megan <a href="”>Oh Hey! blog</a>

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  14. ♡ Nice sunnies !

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  15. indeed I love being a blogger for many ways and you covered most of them!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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