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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Night owl / Ericdress look

Very late post. Just wanted to show you better parcel that I got yesterday. It's this blouse that looks perfect with my old leggings(not very old, I mean I haven't bought them these days). Looks it's a suite, haha. Love it, grey and black, perfect. Also I added to this look feather earrings, that didn't wear a lot of time. Also I wore today three rings - blue one - as I wore blue bag, black and silver.
And, of course, bracelet from It's my favorite one now,  this bracelet make all outfits to be a little in rock style. My favorite, by the way. 
Always in my outfit have to be at least one little thing with studs, sculls, faux leather... I just love it.
Blouse from HERE (LINK) 
But you can check out other ericdress really cheap, but great tops HERE (LINK)
Bracelet from HERE (LINK)

Plus, I'm adding morning photos:


  1. Haha I love late-night posts!
    The blouse looks so pretty! I adore the bracelets too :)

    Aliya x

  2. Loving your bracelets, there beautiful!


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