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Friday, July 24, 2015


Hello guys, I want to share with you some of my summer photos!;) 
 Everything I need for a perfect evening!!! Okay, I haven't ate all chocolate in one evening. I try always to eat them only a few days, as they have so much calories and I noticed that after eating them I have a bad skin.
But guuuys, this chocolate Milka with Oreo is amazing! The best chocolate I've ever tried! It's polish one. On my street one shop opened, there you can to buy some cool tasty food from other countries from Europe. 

By the way, yes, some of you were right. Meg Cabot's books are nice! Love how unusual she writes. I've never seen similar books! Now, I'm reading book of her ''Boy meets girl'', next one will ''The guy next door''.

 Amazing  tasty things from bakery on my street - croissant and bun with bananas inside, really good! 
Guys, don't think that's all I eat one day! Recently I don't even nothing sweet, only recent two weeks I do a little bit.
 Yellow field. How beautiful is it? A photo can't show all beauty.
 Recent three days I'm playing and just walking with my niece Eva a lot! Look on her floral crowd, that did my sister. Looks nice on her, she was pretty today, as never. But I noticed that 2-3 years ago it was more easy to take a photo of Eva. She was natural and just perfect on every photos, but now when she's 4 she poses and do a strange face for a photo a lot, so it's sometimes hard to take a photo of her.
But in real life it looked great.
 Look on this cool mirror I've bought today. The image with a girl changing a face. I liked this picture the most from the all choice of the shop.

And today I've bought some product from that shop with products from Europe.
1. First what I wanted to find is a pretty big packet of light coffee or cappuccino. I'm not a fan of strong dark coffee, I prefer it with a ice cream and milk or something like this,you know. And often to buy this little packet with a cappuccino for only one cup is not the best way, so I've bought it, haven't tried yet! Hope it's good!
2. Also I've bought ''Happy choice'' cookies! Pretty good, but not so cheap, as there are 10 cookies, I've thought more, as box is big. So for this price I can to buy 20-30 tasty cookies. So I will not re-buy this, but it's pretty tasty, although  too sweet.
3. Also I've got a big yogurt. I only ate a half of this, it's too big for me, haha! It like a typical forest fruits yogurt- a little soul, but pretty sweet too.
4. And other Milka chocolate. For this time Vanilla cream taste, almost so good, as with Oreo cookie!


  1. I know my wife has read Cabot's The Princess Diaries books. Not sure if she's read the one you're reading

    1. I know that's her the most famous book! I want to read it too!

  2. I love Milka and Oreo, so this chocolate must be amazing! Your niece is so cute! She is really a sweetie and I am sure you two have lots of fun together! The croissant with banana seems to be delicious! I would love to try it!

    1. Yeah, that's so goood. Thank u! That croissant was with chocolate, bun was with banana.;)


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