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Friday, July 10, 2015


 Hello guys! While it's only a start of the day and I have something to share with you, I want show you my list of happy photos. Maybe you've already seen this tag. I chosen eight photos that reminds me happy moments. I decided to get photos from 2013-2014 years, as many days from these probably I already forgot. So It's makes my mood to be so much better, as while I writing this post, I started to feel how I felt those ''happy''moments. So I recommend to you write this post, it makes you feel better.

1. On this photo my niece Eva. Probably who reads my blog at least sometimes have to know her. She's always in my posts.
This photo was made in September 2013, so she is still so little here. 
Here we are going to the forest for mushrooms(I love them sooo muuuuch!). It was one of the most beautiful days in the autumn, when trees are only becoming red, yellow and other colors. Nature was just amazing. And you know what? Now I'm telling about that beauty and I'm starting to want autumn haha. Oh no, summer 2015, not hurry!
So yes, it was fun day, later we went to home to me to cook mushrooms and Eva have stayed for a night there, she was so funny.
2. Next one photo was made in a day of my double prom from the courses. I was sad (and still sad) that I never will go to there again. Guys who was there with me all that time became really close for me.
And that day it was the last time we were all together. After graduations, we went to take some photos before rain started.
3. It's in Lviv. So beautiful city, Then I was there only a half of the day. That day has so special atmosphere. I've so many great places. I want to go to there again so much, but for this time, at least for a two days. Maybe I'll do it this autumn, as in autumn there're special atmosphere. I don't want to go there in summer.
4. Ahhh August 2013. Probably one of the best months ever. If someone asked what time in the past do you want again, I were answered that want to August of 2013. Especially to the first part of the month. It was really funny!!!

5. It's the most newest photo from this list, as It was made in Septeber of 2014. It was fantastic day with sister, when we wen to the newest part of our city and forest-park nearby that place. We have walking a few hours. Hope soon we will go to somewhere together again. Then we two were so happy because of our walk, as there is so pretty place. Buildings, nature.. want to there again!
6. Do you see that swan that swim to the swan's house in the background It's in our park, where I pretty often, but that days we wen to zoo corner and saw so cool animals. I was only with my niece, she fan of two animals - horses and swans, so we have looking at them almost whole day (I'm not kidding, from the morning to the evening).
That days we had really awkward situations, but any cases, it was fun and everything now is okay.
7. And other day with my niece and with my sister. This photo made nearby the park and beach. Eva have giving a bread to the ducks,
It was really fun day with them. It was one of the best walks ever for me. We were in so many places and had a fun. So good day!
8. And let I'll add really old photo to this list, where I was so little. I don't know what's my age on this photo. Looks like I'm two or three. Have no idea. 
As you seen I always loved makeup. 
What do you think about this my makeup look?


  1. I saw the swan in the background! I know what you mean by last day of school or prom - yes, after that sometimes we keep some friends, but not all :( Your niece is really sooo cute! And you too! Lviv: I booked hotel and all to go there last year... and then there was the Russian invasion and I decided not to go... the boarders could be closed or so on... I was so so sad till today. I really wanted to visit it :(

    1. You can to go to there. There is not the war. Even my city closer to that place where is the war, but here's safe.

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, I've doing makeup to mom every evening before I turned probably 12.

  3. Beautiful photos!


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