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Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey guys! I'm back! I just had many businesses - study, I had some plans and goals and just have resting after the illness, now everything is okay and I'm free. I want to be pretty active in blogging now.

Probably, today I'll make two posts here. Now I want to re-write one of my ''old'' posts - ''Truths about blogging''. I just had that one not in English. I had no idea what things I've wrote then, so I'll write new things.

Say me, if you have something from this list too!;)
  • Other people don't understand why do you need so many photos.
  • Friends think that you write about every thing in your life.
  • We almost always think that our blogs is not good enough.
  • It's awkward and hard to try to explain blogging to someone who doesn’t read blogs. 
  • Parents still have no idea what you write, even you've saying them a million times.
  • Sometimes we do things because after it we can to write about this on our blogs.
  • Also sometimes we buy more for showing this on the blog.
  • It's really hard to start a blog after a few weeks of blog break.
  • But It's hard to stop writing on the blog too, if you write everyday or, at least, a few times per a week.
  • Sometimes it's annoying when people comment incorrect as they watched only photos and didn't read a post.
  • Your old posts can to become popular even if they're just simple posts. Sometimes it's shocking me that simple not very interesting posts that I've wrote a few months have a few thousands views.
  • By the way, I noticed that the most popular posts are those ones that you've very fast and even haven't thought enough how better to write them.
Okay, I have to finish, as here is starting thunderstorm (typical start of every summer)!  
This photo from 2013:)


  1. It's really annoying to get comment's which are only posted to get attention for an other blog. Althought it sometimes feels better then getting no comment's at all. I like comment's to be honest. But yeah there's nothing I can do about it I gues.
    This point: Also sometimes we buy more for showing this on the blog.
    I find really interesting because:
    1- I do recognize this, it happens to me as well. Not only to show on my blog but also because I read a lot of blogs and get exited to see all these new products.
    2 because I really don't want to do this. I try to focus on consuming less and enjoying more on my blog. Because I get really exited and buy a lot of stuff I do not need to be happy and that's a waist of money and bad for the environment, I don't want to life like that.

    I really like your list! xx

    1. Thank you for this comment! Yes, to get comment's which are only posted to get attention for an other blog annoying too!! I agree:)

  2. I loved this post, it's all so true! Like some people say "my uncle is sick and I am so worried that he dies at hopsital" and then people say "amazing pictures!" :) But OK, I never write anything like that, so just commenting about pictures is OK with me :) I agree with many of the things you wrote, especially the many photos, that no one understands why!

    1. Yeah, I had on my old blog a post that my grandfather died and I got a few comments like ''nice pic!''.

  3. Absolutely, someone who doesn't read blogs will never be able to understand what you are doing.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. This is sooo true thanks for sharing! With me, I always think my blog isn't good enough and i always have to explain to others what I blog about!

  5. Hahah very cute post! I definitely buy more then need 'for the blog'!


  6. Other people don't understand why do you need so many photos.

    even though my wife knows about my blog, she says this a lot

    1. Haha my closest people have become accustomed to this.

  7. I could relate to all of these especially the blog break part. Sure, it is so hard to start a blog post after a long break. The more we stay out longer, the lesser views we receive.

    1. Yes makes me sometimes sad and I have an inspiration to blog.

  8. Lovely post!
    Have a great evening!
    Angela Donava

  9. lovely post! I've followed you!
    thanks for dropping by,
    follow me if you'd like ^_^

  10. Haha everything you said is so true especially the one about having to explain what blogging is to someone who doesn't understand. I also take loads of photos and get asked why lol xxx


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