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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Things I Want To Learn & Do This Summer

Heeeey! Hope you're okay and don't sad that's the last day of June this year, as I am. Yeah, I'm a little bit sad because of this. I think it was pretty fast, as whole this year. It's just crazy! Something wrong with the time last 2-3 years! I will be 19 on August, but still think that I'm 16, because days are so fast, no matter, if it a boring home day or fun day with friends, in any cases, they're fast.

Okay, I just want to share a list of things I want to start or just continue to do again. I don't want that this summer will be useless, so I'm writing this post to inspire myself and maybe a little bit you too.

1. To learn other languages. I've learning Swedish a little bit and I think I have to start learning it again. I just wish to know pretty good a lot of languages. I think it's. Now I Ukrainian, Russian and English (not perfect), not a big list. Also I knew a little bit Italian a few years ago and even understood a lot of what Italian people saying, but I forgot everything.

2. To make my English better. I have to learn new things about it and start watching movies in English, also I want to find some books.

3. To read some interesting books. Maybe someone has tips what to read this summer? What's the last book you have reading? I have no idea about what I want to read next.
Recently, I'm bad reader because I had to do things that I really need to do all the time, but now I'm pretty free for writing.

4. To work out as a lot and often, as it will possible. Maybe somebody still remembered that I wrote about Miley's Cyrus pilates routine. It's so good, so if I start doing this, at least, these two months of summer, it will perfect.

5. To try some new food. It's fun to find something new and tasty. Summer is good time to do this. Also I need to cook something I've never cooked before. So it's can to every dish lol.

6. To try new DIY ideas for clothes and home decorations. It can to be interesting to learn something new and useful.

7. To travel to Carpathian. I'm not sure if I'll can to do this summer, as I have no company to go to there, as everybody want to the sea and I'm a little bit scared to go somewhere alone. But I think it could to be really fun. I've never been there.

So it's all, what I remembered I want to do. What's guys you want to do and learn something new this summer? Your June was so fast too or it's only I'm so ''lucky''? 


  1. I'm definitely going to read Paper Towns and Wild this summer!
    Have fun with your list!

    1. Thanks for book-recommendations! I'll check out them!

  2. June was extremely fast, I can tell you! I liked your ideas, I think learning languages is excellent and DIY too! I hope you can find company to the trip, I was never there, either!

  3. Check my "Recent Reads" to see if there is a book that would interest you, all of them are available in English, too, so you can read and train your skills the same time!

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking


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